Opportunities for students

Students are welcome to join the project by conducting their theses on project topics and samples. Below some examples, but please contact me for further information or new ideas.

Thesis topics for master students, internships

Several topics are available within the context of the project Historical ecology of Lessepsian migration. Contact me by email for further information.

Target: master students, students seeking internships.

Skills which will be acquired: identification of Mediterranean and tropical (Lessepsian) molluscs, multivariate analysis of data, principles of invasion ecology, scientific paper writing.

Prerequisites: independent user of the statistical environment R (s/he does not necessarily know the specific functions needed for the project, but should be able to implement them under supervision), previous experience in identification of marine molluscs is an advantage.

Location: Department of Palaeontology, University of Vienna.

Timing: academic year 2018-2019.

Upon performance evaluation, the student may co-author the resulting scientific paper.

Work on taxa other than molluscs is possible within the network of the project. Inquire only if you have a profound interest or previous expertise.