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Maximum number of loops have been performed
Maximum number of loops have been performed
Attestation: TI·35 (]osik[ / ]?uka?[) (1)
Language: prob. Celtic
Word Type: prob. proper noun
Semantic Field: prob. personal name

Grammatical Categories:

Case: nom.
Number: sg.
Gender: fem.
Stem Class: ā, ?

Morphemic Analysis: )iuk-ā Attention, needs to be checked!
Phonemic Analysis: -
Meaning: "(...)iuka"?


-iuka could be the ending of the word. Could be related to Gaul. Iucc-? (Motta 2000: 204, Holder 1896-1907: III 85)


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Motta 2000 Filippo Motta, "La documentazione epigrafica e linguistica", in: Raffaele Carlo De Marinis, Simonetta Biaggio Simona (Eds.), I Leponti tra mito e realtà, Locarno: Gruppo Archeologia Ticino 2000, 181–222.