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A feelei koŋ kãŋnaa la ʋkɔ kãŋnaa ʋ kɛ̃.

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Lorom Koromfe - English/French/German Dictionary

compiled by John R. Rennison

with the help of (in chronological order) Ousséini Badini, Malick Kemde, Souleymane Sawadogo, Micaïlou "Jacques" Konfé, Amsetou Konfé, Mamoudou Konfé and many others.

The "prototype online speaking dictionary" has now been removed because it was hopelessly out of date. But the PDF version of the dictionary is up to date (as of 16th September 2018) and will continue to be developed.

This dictionary originated in a DBase file that I typed into my IBM Portable PC in the summer of 1986. Since then it has been continuously developed, with additions, corrections and structural refinements. I apologise for the remaining errors.

The major changes since the last version are the addition of "Lorom" to the name of the dictionary -- Lorom being the western half of the Koromfe area, centred around Pobé Mengao.

In 2018 I compiled a primer for Lorom Koromfe, which is to be added to these pages in due course. This literacy work has led me to the conclusion that I should ask for a voluntary donation for the dictionary from everyone who uses it outside West Africa. Any donations received will be used in full for the basic infrastructure of literacy classes (in particular, writing materials), not for payments to individuals (e.g. teachers or animators) or for any other purpose. Details of how to donate will be added to this page in due course.

Download dict_A4.pdf


Micailou "Jacques" Konfé was my main informant for the many years and helped produce the first online dictionary. I cannot thank him enough for his endurance, his linguistic insights, and his patience. I also thank my wife, Amsetou, who has given me further insights over the past years.

I would also like to thank the late a yɔ Sigri and all my friends in Pobé-Mengao for their support, both linguistic and otherwise.

I am also extremely grateful to the Shoebox/Toolbox developers at SIL for providing the ideal linguistic database software. The .WAV files were sliced using Goldwave. For acoustic analysis and soundfile database management, I use STx (STx - Intelligent Sound Processing).

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