About Us

The Mari Web Project is a non-profit project based at the Finno-Ugric Department at the University of Vienna. The easiest way to contact us is to get in touch with Jeremy Bradley:

E-mail:Jeremy Bradley - CIM
Telephone:+43 1 4277 43016

Project Staff

Tim Timothy Riese is an associate professor at the Finno-Ugric Department at the University of Vienna, and one of the two founders of this project. He has been active in Finno-Ugric studies for more than 30 years and has taught the Mari language to numerous students in Vienna. He will be the main editor of the Mari-English dictionary, is one of the authors of the textbook "Оҥай марий йылме: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Mari Language ", and will be responsible for the compilation of reading materials.
Jeremy Jeremy Bradley is the co-founder of www.mari-language.com, and a doctoral candidate in both computer science and linguistics. He will spend most of his time involved in this project working as a lexicographer for the Mari-English dictionary, but was also involved in the creation of the aforementioned textbook, and will be involved in the compilation of reading materials as well. He is also responsible for all technical aspects relating to this project, including the website, offered software tools, keyboard layouts and fonts.
Elina Elina Guseva is a senior lecturer at Mari State University in Yoshkar-Ola. As a native Mari fluent in English, with experience as a teacher of both English and Mari, she will be involved in the Mari Dictionary Project as a lexicographer.
Johanna Johanna Laakso is an experienced lexicographer and full professor at the Department of Finno-Ugric studies at the University of Vienna. She is assisting our project as a consultant on a day-to-day basis.


Sirkka Saarinen Professor Sirkka Saarinen is head of the Finno-Ugric department at the University of Turku. She has put materials created by her department at our disposal and is serving as a consultant in our project.
Tõnu Seilenthal Tõnu Seilenthal, head of the Finno-Ugric department at the University of Tartu, is consulting in matters of publicity, and is aiding us in the acquisition of valuable materials not at our disposal.

Other Contributors

Emma & Galina Emma Yakimova and Galina Krylova are native speakers of Mari. They gave us the permission to rewrite their 1990/1991 textbook Марийский язык для всех, and were actively involved in the process. Their voices can also be heard in the audio materials accompanying the textbook.
Andrey, Erik & Mikhail Erik Yuzykayn, Andrey Chemyshev and Mikhail Pirogov are employees of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Mari El, and Mari State Radio. They contributed to the creation of a number of our software products.
Tanya Tatiana Yefremova is a native speaker of Mari. She lent her voice to the audio materials accompanying the Mari textbook.
Tatiana Tatiana Perevozchikova is a PhD student at the University of Hamburg. She has assisted us with the Russian translation of the website.
Angelika & Ilona Angelika Parfuss and Ilona Soukup are graduates of the Finno-Ugric department of the University of Vienna. They have assisted the project by digitizing materials essential to us.