Пагален ӱжына!

Welcome to www.mari-language.com. This website aims to provide essential materials on the Mari language, both for students of the Mari language and for native speakers, on the Internet, free of charge.

Note that this website is, and will for some years, remain a work in progress. Links to various materials will be color-coded, depending on how far along we are in creating them.

Traffic LightRed links lead to descriptions of materials we intend to make available, but have yet to publish in any form.
Yellow links lead to incomplete materials that are already usable, but not to the extent that they will be, once our project comes to an end.
Green links lead to materials that are complete.

These color codes will be used throughout the website.

Where materials are still incomplete or missing, we provide a description, as well as a rough estimate of when they are to be finished. Consult the Schedule Section to obtain a general overview of our agenda, or the About Us Section to learn more about who we are and how to get in touch with us. To keep up to date with recent developments, follow the regularly updated Weblog, or our Facebook Page. Kindred projects and organizations, as well as general links that might be of value to people with a vested interest in the Mari language, can be found in the Links Section.

This website is based at the Department of Finno-Ugric Studies of the University of Vienna, with assistance being provided by individuals from around the world. Currently, our materials are mostly aimed at people who have English competencies. We are theoretically interested in creating Russian-language versions of materials offered on this website, but our capability to do so will depend on future co-operation with other educational institutions.

Оҥай марий йылме: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Mari Language

This Mari textbook is an English-language version of the 1990/1991 Russian-language textbooks Марийский язык для всех, Volumes I & II, extensively adapted for the needs of self-learners. The first half of this textbook is readily available, the second half will be published in 2011. Comprehensive audio materials accompanying this textbook are available as well.

Mari-English Dictionary

The Mari-English Dictionary Project, funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF, will launch on 1 January 2011, and run for three years. We aim to create a dictionary covering the Mari literary language as a whole from its beginnings until today. The dictionary will contain roughly 50,000 headwords and will be freely accessible over the Internet.

Reading Materials

We intend to gather reading materials to accompany the textbook "Mari for Everyone". Texts will be chosen from multiple sources, covering various topics, and will be sorted by difficulty.

Keyboard & Fonts

This section aims to assist people with using Mari in computing. Solutions for common problems are detailed; keyboard layouts and fonts can be downloaded.

Linguistic Software

Here we will offer linguistic software aiming to assist students of the Mari language. A morphological generator is already available and a reading aid is currently being developed.