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The Mari corpus project was initiated by scholars from Ghent (Alexandra Simonenko), Helsinki (Jack Rueter, Niko Partanen), Moscow (Anna Volkova), Munich/Vienna (Jeremy Bradley), Tromsø (Trond Trosterud), Turku (Jorma Luutonen), and Yoshkar-Ola (Andrey Chemyshev, Gennadiy Sabantsev, Nadezhda Timofeeva). It represents an effort to create a morphologically annotated corpus of literary Mari (both Meadow Mari and Hill Mari) searchable in myriad ways (by lexeme, by morphological pattern, by syntactic pattern). The first working version of this corpus was released on 23 December 2020 and contains 57.38 million tokens of Meadow Mari texts and 6.25 million tokens of Hill Mari text. Texts represent different genres (fiction, non-fiction, law, news, science) and represent over a century of Mari literacy.

The following video illustrates rudimentary functionalities of the corpus:

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Last update: 07 April 2021