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[a]~[а]Acute Accent(e.g., aá)
[-]~[-]Archaic Cyrillic(e.g., а)
[b]~[б]Breve(e.g., aă)
[s]~[с]Cedilla/Descender(e.g., cç)
[c]~[ц]Circumflex(e.g., aâ)
[:]~[:]Diaeresis/Umlaut(e.g., aä)
[*]~[*]Dot Above(e.g., aȧ)
[.]~[.]Dot Below(e.g., a)
[u]~[у]Doube Acute Accent/Hungarumlaut(e.g., oő)
[2]~[2]Double Grave Accent(e.g., aȁ)
[g]~[г]Grave Accent(e.g., aà)
[e]~[е]Greek(e.g., aα)
[h]~[х]Háček/Caron(e.g., aǎ)
[j]~[й]Hook(e.g., bɓ)
[?]~[?]Hook Above/Upturn(e.g., a)
[']~[']Horn(e.g., oơ)
[i]~[и]Inverted Breve(e.g., aȃ)
[l]~[л]Ligature(e.g., aæ)
[m]~[м]Macron(e.g., aā)
[!]~[!]Miscellaneous (1)(e.g., a)
[+]~[+]Miscellaneous (2)(e.g., ая)
[;]~[;]Miscellaneous (3)(e.g., e)
[/]~[/]Miscellaneous (4)(e.g., eɛ)
[o]~[о]Ogonek/Tail(e.g., aą)
[p]~[п]Palatal Hook/Curled Symbol(e.g., b)
[r]~[р]Ring(e.g., aå)
[$]~[$]Small Caps(e.g., a)
[t]~[т]Tilde/Stroke(e.g., aã)


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