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The Mari Web Project is based at the Department of Finno-Ugric Studies at the University of Vienna. The Mari-English Dictionary is funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): P22786-G20.

Reading Aid (currently Mari-Russian only)

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For example:

Ik tymyk oto ulo memnan elyshte,
Shoga tudo oto kugu jer seryshte.
Tushto ladyra dech ladyra pushengge kushkesh.
Tushto motor dech motor saska shochesh.
Tushto, uzhar lyshtash longgashte, shu:shpyk mura,
Tudo oto gych jeryshke jandar pamash joga.
Tushto shudyzhat uzhargyrak.
Tushto peledyshyzhat sylnyrak.
Tudo otym myj jo:ratem,
Tushto pushengge ruyshym myj vursem.


This application was created for usage with the Mari-English dictionary, which is currently being written. For the time being, a version using a Russian lexical base has been published:

  • Галкин, И.С. et al. 1990-2005: Словарь марийского языка, Марийское книжное издательство, Yoshkar-Ola.
  • Иванов И.Г. et al. 2011: Марий орфографий мутер, МарНИИЯЛИ, Yoshkar-Ola.
  • Luutonen J. et al. 2007: Electronic Word Lists: Mari, Mordvin, Udmurt, Suomalais-ugrilainen seura, Helsinki.

The current release is to be understood as work in progress. Should you experience problems when using it, please contact us.

Thanks go to Sirkka Saarinen at the University of Turku, Andrey Chemyshev and Mikhail Pirogov of Mari El Radio, as well as Erik Yuzykayn of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Mari El, for supplying digital copies of these materials.

The application is meant to assist people in reading Mari texts. In its essence, it is not much more than the Morphological Analyzer (as such, the same restrictions apply) with a more sophisticated user interface. The reading aid has two parts, one in which a text is displayed, and one in which the morphological analysis is displayed. When users click on individual words in a text, their analysis is displayed in the right-side field.

Reading Aid