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Invited Talks

Where Neuroscience Meets Anthropology: Neuroplasticity in Cultural Contexts
Isabella Sarto-Jackson
The Bases of Mathematical Understanding
Attila Krajcsi
The Relational Luring Effect: Retrieval of Relational Information as a Function of Strength, Typicality and Accessibility of Relational Representations in Long-Term Memory
Penka Hristova
Effect of Aging on Functional Brain Networks: A Graph Theoretical Analysis
Ľubica Beňušková


Phenomenological Rules of Synaptic Plasticity and Metaplasticity
Ľubica Beňušková
Paradigms for Studying Constructive Memory
Penka Hristova
Dualism and Neuroscience
Dylan Ross, Robbie Hopper, Damar Hoogland, Asura Enkhbayar

Alumni Talks

Come Together, Right Now – Temporal Coordination in Musicians Despite Unstable Phase Relation
Thomas Wolf
The Audacity to be a Scientist
Vadim Kulikov, Dominic Reichl

Talks (2nd year students)

Gabaa Receptor Subunit Distribution & Variants
Jure Fabjan, Marco Treven, Margot Ernst
The Dark Side of Technology: Qualitative Insights Into Our Use of Information and Communication Technologies
Kathrin Bednar
The Role of Steroid Hormones in Human Social Behaviors
Karina Rerichova
Activation of the Mirror Neuron System by Emotional Facial Expressions
Lucia Hraskova
Where Do We Stimulate the Motor Cortex
Iva Ilioska, Martin Tik, Michael Woletz, Christian Windischberger
Relationship Between Mathematical and Musical Abilities in Middle School Students
Matej Sedlacek
A Universal Game Controller Interface (UGCI) for Neurofeedback ADHD Treatment
Aleksandar Miladinović
Midsession Reversal Learning in Dogs (Canis familiaris)
Katja Letonja
How Does Interoception Shape Our Experience of Art?
Giulia Cabbai
Assessment of Sleep -Wake Patterns in Lesch’s Type 1 and Type 2 Tobacco Dependents
Noureddine Souirti
Examining the Relationship Between Hearing and the Sense of Touch
Fabijan Purg
Behavioural and Electrophysiological Characteristics of Cognitive Control: A Comparison of Healthy and Clinical Groups
Petra Šlahorová
Talent for Accent: Is There a Correlation Between Phonetic Native and Foreign Language Aptitude?
Marion Coumel
Mobile Parkinson's Disease Monitoring
Rok Lenart
Autism Subtypes in Context of Current Theories
Nikola Ondríková
Stefan Dobrosavljević
Understanding and assessing Bullshit Receptivity
Eugen-Calin Secara
Life Satisfaction in Old Age: Comparing the Successful and Harmonious Aging Approaches
Cristina Silvia Dintica
Human-Computer Interaction Overview: Theories & Methods
Alex Steiner
A Methodological Proposal on How to Use the Analytic Hierarchy Process Technique to Improve Need-based Solution Knowledge Strategies
Caspar Matzhold
Camera system for measuring emotion by capturing physiological parameters
Jan Markočič
Mirror neurons and empathy: what is neuroscience to theory?
Robbie Hopper
The Use of Embedded Robots in the Therapy for Children on the Autism Spectrum
Elena Hirjoaba
The Experience of Addiction
Julija Podbevšek
Optimising Interobserver Reliability in Qualitative Studies
Evelyn Aneta Gasiorek
Connectionist model of sentence comprehension
Anton Kovac
“Who Will Save Innocent Kitties with Counterfactual Priming?”
Miroslava Galasova
The Influence of Alcohol on Music Induced Enjoyment – an Inquiry into the Mechanisms
Marianne Tiihonen
Communicating Emergent Novelty – Proposing a Theoretical Communicative Framework to Support Novelty Creation in Organizations
Carina Trapl
Processing Suffix Combinations in Slovene
Špela Medvešek
Influence of Manipulation of Complexity and Processing Fluency on Liking in Aesthetic Experience
Marko Kvar
Reconstruction of Perceived and Imagined Music from EEG Recordings with Deep Neural Networks
André Ofner
Computational Model of Memory Consolidation
Lukáš Rückschloss
Power and Morality
Xenia Raufeisen
Memory Retrieval in a Rapid Sequence Visual Presentation Paradigm
Miha Medved
Reducing the Variability of Motor Evoked Potentials
Benjamin Fischer
Speech alterations in schizophrenia
Aisha Futura Tüchler
Fetal development of hypothalamic dopaminergic neurons and their role in circadian rhythms
Maja Zupančič, Erik Keimpema, Tibor Harkany
Meaning in Morphological Decomposition
Janik Ježovnik
The Effects of Social Affiliation on Approach/Avoidance Responses Towards Social and Non-social Stimuli
Ana Stijović
Motor-evoked and TMS-evoked Potentials: Correlation between the two Measures and their Modulation after 5-Days-Consecutive iTBS Intervention
Magdalena Kralik
!!The Costs of Being Behind a Screen – Could Social Media Use be Addictive?
Dolores Trol
The Role of Mental Representations in Problem Solving Process
Nejc Grenc
The Effect of Task Description on the p600 ERP in Artificial Language Learning
Damar Hoogland
Embedding social behaviour in emotion in fuzzy animats
Jan Jug
Overlapping communities in functional brain networks
Jan Klusáček
Constrained by convention: Emotional effect of microtonality on professional musicians and non-musicians.
Marek Osrman
Learning to Reach with Cues using a Simulated Robotic Arm
Matúš Štefek
Like if reductionist, comment if non-reductionist: A Comparison of the Almetric Perfomance in Neuroscientific Literature
Asura Enkhbayar
Collective Dynamics of Multi-Agent Networks: Simulation Studies in Probabilistic Reasoning
Max Pellert

Posters (1st year students)

The Paradox of Freedom: What Believing in Free Will Can Do For Us?
Caroline Hannickel
Age-dependent Memory Decline: A Pathological or Sociological Trait?
Maria Lolich, Michael L Berger
response inhibition in bilinguals
Klaudia Tondos
Human Brain Neuronal Activation While Playing Tetris
Ana Jeličić, Manfred Klöbl, Sebastian Ganger, Andreas Hahn, Rupert Lanzenberger
Living With Social Robots: Some Aspects Of Future Human-Robot Relationships
Izabela But
Psychophysiology of groove: the effects of rhythm and bass on cardiac and respiratory activity
Daniel Bowling, Tamas Novak
Neural Correlates of Visuospatial Working Memory: An fMRI Study
Nina Demšar, Aleš Oblak, Anka Slana, Grega Repovš
Roberta Chissich, Polona Petrač
Philosophy of Dance. Body, Knowledge and Subjectivity
Christina Regorosa
Combining Electroencephalography With Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation As a New Step in Understanding Mechanisms of Non-invasive Brain Stimulation Techniques
Matic Prinčič, Ruben Perellon Alfonso
Hedonic Treadmill Theory Applied To Virtual Reality Technologies
Marko Božič, Toni Pustovrh
Integration of Science and Art in the Case of Evolutionary Art
Alja Debeljak
Connection of executive functions with the use of reading strategies in primary school students
Ajda Centa, Katja Zupanič
Explaining the Divergent Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Prosocial and Antisocial Behaviour in Economic Decision Making
Nejra Rizvanovic, BA., Shawn Geniole, PhD.
On the Very Idea of a Constructivist Master Program
Asura Enkhbayar, Benjamin Fischer, Damar Hoogland, Robbie Hopper, Federico Marroni
The Influence of Emotional Stimuli on P3 in an »Oddball« Paradigm
Anja Krvina, Borut Orozovič, Nastja Tomat, Andraž Matkovič, Grega Repovš
Software Onboarding Process Evaluated Using Biometrics Data
Márius Rak
The Role of the Moving/Dancing Body in Treating Mental Illnesses
Julie Tangeten
Slovene compounds: Towards a psycholinguistic approach
Gašper Pesek
Explaining Robot Actions
Tomaž / Babić, Dafne Marko, Ivan Bratko
Augmenting Aesthetic Experience of Art with Brain Stimulation
Imani Rameses
Character Mining and Generation from Film Dialogs
Anna Dobrosovestnova
Mechanisms of Integration of Neural Activity for Efficient Cognitive Control
Anja Levacic, Vida Ana Politakis, Anka Slana, Andraz Matkovic, Grega Repovs
Hana Hawlina
Investigating the structuring role of multimodality in adult verbal discourse
Tim Reinboth
Sara Brus, Jasna Kopac
Team Dynamics During Innovation, Knowledge Creation and Learning Processes
Sara Jakša
Fetal Testosterone and Autism
Lulu Povazanova
Face Recognition
Igor Slovak
Placebo Strategies in TMS Research
Kevin Klarić
Relationship between social rejection and neurocognitive functioning
Paula Ciuraszkiewicz
Supervised Learning of Basis Function Coefficients for Computer-generated Speech
Franz Georg Papst
The Meaning of Dying
Felipe Gonzalez Tubio Machado
Striatal ROI Delineation in PET D-Amphetamine Sensitization Studies
Irena Dajic, Ulrich Sauerzopf, Matthäus Willeit
The Phenomenology of Habit Formation and its Connection to Body-­Mind Centering
Bálint Őry
Uncertainty in Knowledge Creation Processes
Anna Berger
“Wanting" And "Liking" Of Primary and Social Rewards in Humans
Sebastian Jakob Götzendorfer, Sebastian Korb, Claudia Massaccesi, Philipp Stepnicka, Mumna Al Banchaabouchi, Raffaela Rumiati, Christoph Eisenegger, Giorgia Silani
Auditory Verbal Hallucinations and the Content-Specificity Problem: A Study in Phenomenology and Cognitive Science
Iga Willmann
Towards an Understanding of the Emotional Modulation Effects of Focused Attention Meditation
Gregory Bartel, Ryan Sigmundson
Illusion of Control and Persistence
Maike Lena Becker, Shawn Geniole
The impact of sleep depression on the attention of students playing MOBA games
Peter Švirik
Designing Web Usability: Cognitive Psychological Experiment as a Part of UX Research
Andrej Brinkac
Extending Concept-level Knowledge Bases in favor of Information Extraction
Hamerlik Endre
Agent-based Modeling: A Novel Practitioner’s Generative View on Social Systems
Stefan Sametinger
When Language Goes out of Hand: Measuring the Effect of Hand Movement on N400 Component
Xenia Daniela Poslon
The Co-Creation of Meaning: A Qualitative Investigation
Julius J.A. Tacha
Insights into the Skillscape of Yoga: Explicating Coordinative Synergies and Meta-regulation Skills
Judith Belkot, Michael Kimmel
Automatic estimation of problem difficulty for humans in the case of Raven's progressive matrices-like puzzles
Anže Ipavic, Enja Kokalj, Ivan Bratko
Nothing New under the Sun: Problem of Induction Still Not Solved
Björn Jörges

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