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Invited Talks

Set-Shifting and Place-Keeping as Separable Control Processes
Richard P. Cooper
Expert Performance: Merely Automatic Skills?
Olga Markic
Sensorimotor Processes in Empathy
Igor Riečanský

Student Initiative

Simulies: Graded Lies and Dynamic Trust. A Simulation Study
Borut Trpin, Anna Dobrosovestnova, Sebastian Jakob Götzendorfer

Alumni Talks

There and Back Again: A Tale of Disciplines
Matus Konecny
Do You Speak Interdisciplinary?
Nikola Ondríková
Few-shot Learning in Artificial Neural Networks.
Matúš Tuna

Talks (2nd year students)

Application of Physiological Measures for Evaluation of User Experience: A Skin Conductance Experimental Study
Andrej Brinkac
Blockchain-based IoT Data Storage
Franz Georg Papst
Action observation and motor imagery effects on motor learning
Jan Zibelnik, Luka Komidar
Enhancing User Experience Testing Using Electroencephalography
Márius Rak
The Phenomenology and Linguistics of Schizophrenia: A Battle of Selves
Julie Tangeten
Frequency-dependant Local and Remote Immediate Effects by Concurrent TMS-fMRI Setup
Matic Princic, Martin Tik, Michael Woletz, Christian Windischberger
Lucky: Stress Management Mobile App
Tjaša Ostervuh
Influence of Age Differences on Media Multitasking
Nives Đorđević
Labour, Its Coercion, and How Cognitive Science Has Engaged with Them
Tim Reinboth
Are Truer Perceptions Really Better Perceptions? A Genetic Algorithm Study
Tine Kolenik
Enaction of Meaning in an Intersubjective Context – from Cognitive Science to Psychotherapy
Polona Rudolf
The Rationality of the Crowd: Impact of Herding Behaviour on Financial Decision-making
Gregory Bartel
The Gamification of a Tax Experiment
Nicolas Valerian Pils
Development of a Cognitive Training Application for the Older Adults: A User-centered Design Approach
Zala Likar
Decision-making Performance, Satisfaction and Stability in the Context of Adult ADHD
Lulu Považan
Recurrent Neural Network Model of Phonological Development Using Distributed Representations
Hamerlik Endre
Extended Agent Based Simulation of Cipolla’s Model of Stupidity
Blaž Potokar, Ivan Bratko
"Ask the Body: Utilizing Movement to Investigate the Communication of Emotion Experience"
Imani Rameses
An Electroencephalography Study on Neural Correlates in Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation
Anja Krvina
Genetic Predisposition for Neurological Disorders in Populations - An Evolutionary Perspective
Ana Jeličić, Helmut Schaschl
The Role of Linguistic Markers, Expertise and Domain Specificity in Uncertainty Communication
Martina Simanová
At the Intersection of Neurotechnology and Economics: Social Impact and Ethical Questions
Marjana Subotic, Toma Strle
How Dependent Are fMRI Results on Specific Analysis Tools: A Comparison of Results Analyzed with AFNI, FSL and SPM
Nina Demšar, Andrej Vovk, Grega Repovš
Experience of Sexual Fantasy
Katja Škafar
“To Pluck from Rooted Memory” Task Performance Strategies for Memorizing Position and Orientation in Change Detection Task
Aleš Oblak, Urban Kordeš, Grega Repovš, Anka Slana Ozimič
Beyond Constructivism: Exploring Novel Learning Paradigms and Their Implications for Educational Robotics
Anna Dobrosovestnova
The Meaning of Dying
Felipe Gonzalez Tubio Machado
Organizational Failure and Decision Making
Nejra Rizvanovic
The Role of Vitality Affects in Human Experience and its Relation to the Ontogenesis of the Body-Mind Split
Balint Ory
The Negotiation of Meaning: On Epistemic Vigilance, Plausible Deniability, and Uncertainty in Communication
Julius J.A. Tacha, Francesca Bonalumi, Thom Scott-Phillips, Christophe Heintz
Lexical Processing of Complex Pseudo-words in Patients with Alzheimer's Disease.
Blaž Hren
Phenomenology of Blind People
Izabela But
On the Impact of Cognitive Science Terminology on Interdisciplinary Knowledge Creation Processes as Analyzed with the Example of Reinforcement Learning
Sebastian Jakob Götzendorfer
Face recognition and classification of mood
Igor Slovak
Natural Human Reasoning Abilities and Visual Matrix Puzzle Solving
Enja Kokalj
Enactivism and Language: A conceptual analysis
Tomaž / Babić
Ethics in Contemporary Mindfulness: Exploring the Transformative Power of Implicit Ethical Teachings
Judith Belkot
Ethnographic Knowledge Elicitation: A Modelling Perspective on Decision Making in a Neuroscience Laboratory
Stefan Sametinger
Prosocial Behavior in Japanese Macaques (Macaca fuscata)
Ryan Sigmundson
Joint (group) rushing in YouTube videos
Tamas Novak
Cognitive Biases in Performance Assessment Processes
Caroline Hannickel
Cognitive Processes in Creative Aha-experiences
Anna Berger
Resting-State Brain Connectivity and Social Understanding in Aging
Kevin Klarić
The Relationship Between Amphetamine-induced Dopamine Release and Susceptibility to Induced Auditory Hallucinations
Irena Dajic, Iga Willmann, Ulrich Sauerzopf, Nace Mikus, Nicole Praschak-Rieder, Matthäus Willeit, Ana Wiedenauer
Influence of Amphetamine Sensitisation on the Prediction Error Signal
Iga Willmann, Irena Daijc, Ulrich Sauerzopf, Nace Mikus, Nicole Praschak-Reider, Matthäus Willeit, Ana Weidenauer
Emergence of Visual Consciousness in ADHD Children
Katja Zupanič, Zoltán Nádasdy
Vicarious sensorimotor activation and dispositional empathy
Xenia Daniela Poslon
Preservation of Moral Knowledge in Patients with Frontotemporal Dementia and Their Legal Responsibility
Sara Brus

Posters (1st year students)

‘The Code Is the Mirror of the Soul’: Profiling Programmers Through Code Analysis.
Benjamin Fele, Lenart Motnikar
An Attempt At a First-person Account of Languaging
David Murko, Aleš Oblak, Urban Kordeš
Readability Model Based on ccGigafida and Šolar Corpora
Aleš Žagar
Simulating the Emergence of Social Complexity Using Agent-Based Modelling
Raffael Andre
Impact of Cognitive Load on Visual Attention
Marek Sokol
A hypothetical mechanism for subneuronal change in brain networks of mindfulness meditators
Maša / Bratuša
Academic Writing and the Enactive Approach: An Empirical Pilot Study
Daniel Meling
Understanding Enabling Education
Leonie Jung-Irrgang
The role of awareness in the intercultural development
Raphael Gustavo Aybar
Why Does My Workout Take Forever? The Influence of Interoception on Subjective Time Dilation During Muscular Activity
Johanna Köllner, Jakub Benko
Slovak Programming Keyboard versus Layout Switching
Jerguš Greššák
Can Economic Models Be Epistemic Vehicles?
Anna Kiss-Pál
The Effect of Binaural Beats on Sustained Attention
Romana Umrianova
Enhancing the Concealed Information Test via Emphasis on Semantic Associations
Alicja Grządziel, Gáspár Lukács, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Ansorge
Gender Differences in Incentive Sensitivity
Jar Žiga Marušič
On the Bright Side of Existential Angst
Sarah Vogels
Comparing motor resonance between observed and imaginative movement in professional dancers using EEG
Richard Leckéši
Step up Your Talk: The Effect of tACS on Verbal Fluency.
Nicole Vella
Investigating brain functional connectivity with simultaneous EEG and fMRI recordings
Katarina Jevšenak, Jan Anton Bregant, Jan Kopač, Rok Mioč
Transforming Belief, Inspiring Action: The Cognitive Gap of Collective Sustainability.
Jakob Schneider
Implementing Cryptocurrencies in a Decentralized Market Place
Max Pohanka
Computerized Mental Rotation Test with Dynamic Rotating Stimuli
Kristína Miklošová
The Knowledge Level in Cognitive Architectures
Martyna Rydzewska
Research on the User Experience of the Thesaurus of Modern Slovene
Petra Štingl, Apolonija Gantar, Špela Arhar Holdt
Predictive Processing-based Needs Theory: An Empirical Investigation
Dominik Garber, Soheil Human
Explanation of Robot Plans in AI: Block Manipulation Example
Ela Praznik, Ivan Bratko
State-dependent Modulation of Human Social Reward
Bojana Trajkovic, Claudia Massaccesi, Sebastian Korb, Urs Markus Nater, Giorgia Silani
The Morphology of Creativity: Structural Correlates in the Human Brain.
Julian Moehlen, Fabian Renz, Ronald Sladky, Martin Tik, Christian Windischberger
Effect of Short-term Multiple Object Tracking Training in Non-athletes, Dancers and Tennis Players
Ondrej Hadidom
Emotion Recognition in the Wild: A Machine Learning Challenge
Oswaldo Macedo
Learning from Two Perspectives: AI and Psychology
Fabian Marvin Renz
Reducing Bias Against Algorithmic Forecasting
András Balaton
The Importance of Hand Images as Stimuli
Natalia Pawłowska, Sławomir Duda
Setting the Groundwork for the Research of Pleasure by Using SSVEP
Jaša Černe, Aljaž Pišec
Smarter Together: Interventions to Increase Collective Intelligence
Anna Riedl
The Influence of Hyperglycaemia on the Capacity of Visuo-Spatial Short Term Working Memory
Tina Giber, Jasna Šuput Omladič, Simona Klemenčič, Grega Repovš, Anka Slana Ozimič, Tadej Battelino
Linguistic Expressions of Spatial Relations and How to Model Their Semantics
Sarah F. Sheldon
Grounding Meaning in Sensorimotor Cognition Using UBAL Algorithm
Timotej Jurášek, Kristína Malinovská
Human decision-making and learning: a hierarchical approach
Jana Harvanova
Adapting Cognitive Control Challenge Task for Electrophysiological Studies
Barbi Seme, Irma Hostnik, Jure Bon, Tisa Frelih, Andraž Matkovič

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