UKF 1A Grant (December 2007 - March 2010)

Bojan Zagrovic

Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences, MedILS
Mestrovicevo setaliste bb
21000 Split

Worldwide distributed computing in molecular biology: from dynamic activation of enzymes to the problem of conformational averaging in structure determination

The central theme of the group is developing and applying theoretical and computational approaches, to study biomolecular dynamics and its influence on our understanding of the structure-function relationship. Specific projects carried out with the support of UKF 1A grant are given below.

Group members

dr. Daniela Kruschel, postdoc
dr. Anton Polyansky, postdoc
Antonija Kuzmanić, PhD student
Mario Hlevnjak, PhD student
Dražen Petrov, PhD student (primary advisor: prof. dr. Davor Juretić)
Rita Santos, visiting scientist
Ruben Zubac, masters student


Christian L. Müller, PhD student (primary advisor: prof. dr. Ivo F. Sbalzarini)
Maria Janowska, summer student, 2009
Pawel Janowski, summer student, 2009
Tibor Pakozdi, summer student, 2009
Mijo Šimunović, summer student, 2009
Marija Galić, diploma student, 2009
Elena Primorac, visiting student, 2008
Tomek Wlodarski, summer student, 2008
Omar Awile, master’s student (jointly with Ivo F. Sbalzarini), 2007
Stipe Tomaš, diploma student, 2008