Association for the Study of Monastic Learning in the Early Modern Period
(Verein zur Erforschung monastischer Gelehrsamkeit in der Frühen Neuzeit / VEMG)

The Association is intended to serve as a forum for research and exchange concerning the learned practices of members of the regular clergy in the Early Modern period. It was founded in early 2015 by the former members of the Austrian Science Fund START Project "Monastic Enlightenment and the Benedictine Republic of Letters", but is open to all who take an interest in its aims and purposes.

In pursuit of these aims, the Association engages in multiple activities:

- The Association organises two regular series of events: the annual public Colloquium historico-criticum, in which research questions and current projects concerning monastic learning are presented and discussed on the basis of primary sources; and a regular round table for members, occurring several times annually, devoted to the discussion of pre-circulated texts. The Association partners with other institutions in organising further academic events and symposia. 

- The Association offers members and other interested researchers advice and non-material assistance for research projects relating to monastic learning. It collects and disseminates relevant academic news and information. 

- The Association maintains the library and the collection of source materials created by the project "Monastic Enlightenment and the Benedictine Republic of Letters" in both analogue and digital form, and makes them accessible on request to both members and other interested parties. 

- The Association will occasionally edit and produce its own publications.