Morphological Generator


This tool generates all forms of words that can be derived using productive grammar. Note that this tool works with morphology only, and does not "understand" syntax or have any knowledge of the Mari lexicon. Only meaningful inputs will result in meaningful outputs.

The morphological generator has two main tabs – "Nominals" and "Verbs". Pick the first tab in order to decline a nominal or the second one to conjugate a verb.

The user enters a word in its dictionary form (nominative singular for nominals, infinitive for verbs) and chooses the desired grammatical form. By pushing the [ > ] button (marked below with a red circle), the desired form is generated.

Morphological Generator - Nouns

If it not be specified otherwise (in the top left corner), it is assumed that the input follows standard Mari accentuation rules.

Note how different grammatical categories – e.g. case endings, possessive suffixes – are grouped. Only one option for each group can be chosen at a time if round radio buttons are used.

Beyond the restrictions established by the grouping of radio buttons, the software will prevent illegitimate suffix combinations by disabling options that cannot be used with choices already made. For example, the sociative plural -мыт (used only for people) cannot be used in combination with the inessive case (used only with inanimate objects). The software will prevent users from making such choices by graying out options that are not legitimate in combination with suffixes that have already been picked (as is the case in the picture above).

For verbs, the conjugation class must be chosen, as this cannot be derived from the infinitive.

Morphological Generator - Verbs

In both tabs, the input must be a valid lexical form. However, it is also possible for the output to be a valid lexical form – for example, should the active participle of the verb толаш be formed on the "Verbs" tab, the output would be a valid nominal that could be declined. When this happens, the "Inflect" button in the top right corner becomes clickable.

Inflect Button

By clicking this button, the output on the right-hand side is copied to the input field on the left-hand side of the appropriate tab – if you created a nominative singular from of a nominal, to the input field of the "Nominals" tab, if you created an infinitive, to the input field of the "Verbs" tab.


The application accepts Cyrillic and Latin inputs, and accepts various methods used to denote the Mari characters not found in the Russian alphabet. An overview of the transcription system used by the software can be found here.

The sheer amount of grammatical suffixes found in this application might be overwhelming for beginners. For this purpose, simplified versions of the application are available for every chapter of the Mari textbook offered on this website. These simplified versions only allow users to pick and choose from grammatical forms they should be familiar with.