Typology of Negation in Ob-Ugric
and Samoyedic Languages (NOS)

Mansi (Vogul) - Annotated Texts

The following Mansi texts are ready for presentation. We offer them here in html format (for easy viewing in most browsers) and as pdf files.

We use the Charis SIL font, which is downloadable for free. You will get the best results for the html files if you have that font installed on your computer, but other Unicode fonts (such as Gentium or Lucida Sans Unicode which can be found on most PCs and Macs) contain almost all characters needed and will do as well.

Text 02: html pdf
Text 03: html pdf

Please note that these materials are protected by copyright. If you want to use any part of them in your own work, quote this FWF-funded project "Negation in Ob-Ugric and Samoyedic Languages" as a source.

A list of abbreviations used can be found here.