Keynotes & Invited Talks:


12th September 2019: Emotions, Democracy and the Post-factual Threat to Expertise, Keynote Address, Disagreement, (in)tolerance and political discourse, Conference organized by the Centre for Ethics as Study in Human Value, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic.

20th June 2019: Intimacy and the Politics of Expertise, Invited talk, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada.


15th March 2018 : Understanding emotions in the postfactual world, Invited Talk at the Sociological Evenings, Faculty of Social Science, Prague.


6th October 2017: „Feeling Liberal Democracy: Toward a policy oriented cultural sociology of emotions“, Invited Talk at the Institute of International Relations, Prague

5th October 2017: Responsibility in a Leaderless World, Plenary Panel, at the 9th International Symposium: Responsibility in a Leaderless World,  Czech Foreign ministry, Prague

15th September 2017: Intimität regieren? Politischer Diskurs zum Lebensende in der post- industriellen Gesellschaft., Interdisziplinäres Dialogforum Mensch und Endlichkeit
Die Institutionalisierung des Lebensendes zwischen Wissenschaft und Lebenswelt, Netzwerk Lebensende

28th April2017: Culture of Truth: Emotions in a Post-factual World, Yale CCS Spring Conference

24th April 2017: Searching for Truth in Post-factual Times, Yale University Policy Lab

9th February 2017: „Citizen Empowerment in Post-communist context“, TPol talk, University at Albany, SUNY


24th November 2016: Czech-Austrian Dialogue Forum, official member of the Czech delegation.

16th November 2016: „New European Orientalism“, Plenary Rountable, Institut für Wissenschaft der Menschen, Vienna.

25th May 2016: “The Politics of Intimacy Re-thinking the End-of-Life Controversy”, Institute of International Relations, Prague.


24th September 2015: Keynote Address, Hygiene- Fortbildungstage, Meeting of the Austrian Association of Health Care (ÖGKV) „Die gemeine Hand: Der Fall Semmelweis und die Entdeckung der Kontaktinfektion.“ (Semmelweis Case and the Emergence of the Contact Infection)

22nd January 2015: “Intimacy and Politics: the case of Homebirth”, Invited Talk, Masaryk University Brno


22nd Octobe 2014:  “Semmelweis fight for the Truth: Female bodies and the hands of doctors”, Plenary Talk “Austrian Medical society” (Gesellschaft der Ärzte)

17th October 2014: Politics of Intimacy: Re-thinking the end-of-life controversies. Plenary Talk: Masaryk University Brno, International conference “identities in conflict”.

14th August 2014: „Austira and the Czech Republic through the comparative eyes.“, Keynote Address, International Summerschool of Journalism, Havlíčkův Brod. Upon the invitiation of the Austrian Embassy in the Czech Republic.

19th July 2014 : “ Politics of Intimacy: Re-thinking the end-of-life controversies”  Keynote Address, Université Libre de Bruxelles,

6th June 2014: “Negotiating Truth: Semmelweis, Hand washing and the Politics of Emotions.”   “Semmelweis Lecture”, Keynote Address at the Annual Conference of the Surgical Infection Society Europe.


24th May 2013: “Lost in Translation: Back and Forth between Fieldwork and Interpretation.” Invited Talk, Jour Fixe Art & Science, University of Applied Arts, Vienna.


8th February 2012: “Governing Through Intimacy.”. Invited Talk, Department of Government, University of Essex:


2th December 2011:“Über die Rationalität hinaus: Interpretative Politikfeldanalyse. Reaktion auf  Andreas Dür”. Keynote Address, Annual Meeting of the Austrian Political Studies Association (ÖGPW), “Tag der Politikwissenschaft” ,hosted by the University of Salzburg.

18th November 2011:  Plenary Roundtable: “Poststrukturalistische Perspektiven auf Kämpfe”, Conference: Ansteckende Inventionen. Zur Repolitisierung des Poststrukturalismus, Department of Political Science, University of Vienna.


3rd November 2010: “S’en laver les mains: A propos du mariage de raison entre Science et Politique.” [Washing hands: Marriage of Reason between Science and Politics], Inivited Talk at the University Franche-Comté, Besancon, France.

18th July 2010: “ Science and Politics: a reasonable marriage“. Keynote Address, Faculty of Arts, University of Belgrade, Serbia International Summerschool of Philosophy and Social Sciences (OFRESS)


13th July 2009: l’Etat face aux catastrophes morales. Memento mori dans la politique française” [State facing moral catastrophes: memento mori in French politics.]”. Keynote Address, Université Toulouse Mirail, International Summerschool of Philosophy and Social Sciences(OFRESS).

18th November 2009: “Feldforschung intim: Zwischen Erlebnissen, Kategorien und Analyse. Interpretative Politikfeldanalyse“ [Fieldwork intimately: Between Impression, Categories and Analysis. Interpretive Political Science]Invited Talk, Department of Political Science and Sociology, University of Salzburg.


3rd November 2007 “Global Governance of genomics. A phronetic response.” Keynote address at Testing genes, profiling DNA: The global governance of genomics – hopes, duties, and security, Mendel Centre Brno.


12th July, 2005 “Vers une argumentation authentique“. [Towards an Authentic Argumentation.] Invited paper presentation at Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, Fran