How was Your March for Science?

Take part in my survey!

Dear colleagues,

I am investigating the March for Science, including its preparation and performance in the media. As part of my analysis, I am analyzing the personal experiences of scientists who attended the March.

I am collecting diary-like descriptions of “the day I marched”: your personal view, which could consist of just your description of the day as you experienced it, but could also include the reasons why you took the streets. In particular, I am interested in your own positions and feelings: Were you happy? Why? Were you disappointed? Why?

Your response might be short or long. The length is not important, so long as it reflects your personal view.

I am collecting these experiences on a Qualtrics survey page dedicated to this cause:

Your response will be used as part of an interpretive analysis of the March for Science.

Responses will be anonymized and stripped of any identifying information.
All responses will be stored securely on a password-encrypted device.
If at any point you should want to withdraw your response, you are welcomed to do so: please notify me at

I thank you very much for your generous donation of time. If possible, please also pass my request on to your colleagues who attended the March for Science.

If you have any questions or concerns about this project, please email me at