Days of Analysis in Novi Sad
July 03 - 07, 2014, Novi Sad
In the honor of Professor Bogoljub Stankovic on the occasion of his 90th birthday


If you plan to attend the conference and have not yet registered, please register on-line at the conference website here and enter the requested data. The final deadline for registration is May 31.

The participants will represent various branches of analysis, so we recommend that the speakers give an introduction to their results addressed to a wide audience of specialists in analysis.
Please provide a short abstract (about 1 page) as soon as possible. The final deadline is May 31. 2014 after which corrections will not be allowed. Notice: You have to be registered before you can submit your abstract! Please visit the link and enter your data. After you have entered general information about your talk you can submit your abstract in TEXT and/or TeX format.

Conference fee:
There will be no conference fee for the participants

Participants may use booking.com to arrange their accomodation or contact following hotels directly. The most commonly used hotels in Novi Sad are: Voyager, Fontana, Novi Sad, Centar. Please don't hesitate to contact the Organizers if you need additional assistance.
We ask the participants to inform the organizers about the date/time of arrival and departure (especially if this imposes restrictions on possible dates of the talk), means of transportation and the hotel, as soon as this information will be available.

The participants will mostly arrive to the Belgrade airport. Upon the individual requests the organizers will arrange transfer from the airport to hotels.

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