Modern Methods of Time-Frequency Analysis II
September 10th to December 15th, 2012
Erwin Schroedinger Institute (Univ. Vienna)


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  1. "Can one hear the shape of a localization domain?"
    Abreu, Luis Daniel

  2. "Translation and Transposition Invariance for Audio Classification Using Scattering Coefficients"
    Andén, Joakim

  3. "Analysis of Iterative Regularized Least-Square Algorithm for Phaseless Reconstruction"
    Balan, Radu

  4. "Frame Theory and its Acoustical Applications"
    Balazs, Peter

  5. "The angular synchronization problem"
    Bandeira, Afonso

  6. "Compact bilinear operators and commutators"
    Benyi, Arpad

  7. "Wavelet collocation for fourth order problems"
    Bertoluzza, Silvia

  8. "On a numerical formulation of phase retrieval problem."
    Beylkin, Gregory

  9. "Phase retrieval from the roots"
    Bodmann, Bernhard

  10. "On paradifferential operators and canonical transformations"
    Boulkhemair, Abdesslam

  11. "Adaptivity and complexity in high-order discretizations of elliptic problems"
    Canuto, Claudio

  12. "Spectral Triples"
    Carey, Alan

  13. "On the use of smooth vectors in coorbit theory"
    Christensen, Jens Gerlach

  14. "Gabor Representations of evolution operators"
    Cordero, Elena

  15. "Data dependent operators for the spatial-spectral fusion problem"
    Czaja, Wojciech

  16. "Compressively sampling the plenacoustic function"
    Daudet, Laurent

  17. "Maximal Covariance Properties for Pseudo-Differential Operators"
    de Gosson, Maurice

    De Gosson, Maurice

  19. "Quadratic symbols: metaplectic reproducing groups"
    De Mari, Filippo

  20. "Reproducing formula associated with symbols"
    De Vito, Ernesto

  21. " Reverse-time-migration based inverse scattering using the dyadic parabolic decomposition of phase space "
    deHoop, Maarten V.

  22. "On the nuclearity of pseudodiferential operators on compact Lie groups"
    Delgado, Julio

  23. "Audiosculpt, and of the structuring role of the phase in time-frequency representation (Tutorial)"
    Depalle, Philippe

  24. "Some aspects of physics over local fields and finite approximations"
    Digernes, Trond

  25. "Music Information Research: Achievements and Perspectives"
    Dixon, Simon

  26. "Mathematical Signal Processing and AudioMiner"
    Dörfler, Monika

  27. "Signal reconstruction from the magnitude of subspace components"
    Ehler, Martin

  28. "Warped Frames: dispersive vs. non-dispersive sampling"
    Evangelista, Gianpaolo

  29. "Phase retrieval with random masks"
    Fannjiang, Albert C.

  30. "The landscape of COORBIT THEORY: known and less well known terretories: moderated discussion"
    Feichtinger, Hans G.

  31. "Gabor Analysis realized via MATLAB: a demo"
    Feichtinger, Hans G.

  32. "Itakura-Saito nonnegative matrix factorization and friends for music signal decomposition (Tutorial – Part 1)"
    Févotte, Cédric

  33. "Itakura-Saito nonnegative matrix factorization and friends for music signal decomposition (Tutorial – Part 2)"
    Févotte, Cédric

  34. "Group-theoretic constructions of erasure-robust frames"
    Fickus, Matt

  35. "Uncertainty and spectrogram geometry"
    Flandrin, Patrick

  36. "Music Information Retrieval and AudioMiner"
    Flexer, Arthur

  37. "Frames in Hilbert C*-modules and stabilization theorems"
    Frank, Michael

  38. "Piecewise tensor product wavelet bases by extensions and approximation rates"
    Friedrich, Ulrich

  39. "Coorbit spaces and wavelet coefficient decay over general dilation groups"
    Fuehr, Hartmut

  40. "Means, covariance, Fisher information: the quantum theory and the uncertainty relations"
    Gibilisco, Paolo

  41. "Sound quality of textural audio: characterization, modeling and visualization"
    Grill, Thomas

  42. "Sound quality of textural audio: characterization, modeling and visualization"
    Grill, Thomas

  43. "On the structure of anisotropic frames"
    Grohs, Philipp

  44. "On deformed noncommutative tori"
    Grosse, Harald

  45. "Groupoid Crossed Products and AF-Algebras in Time-Frequency Analysis"
    Guillemard, Mijail

  46. "L^\infty Estimates for Tensor Truncation"
    Hackbusch, Wolfgang

  47. "On the construction of sparse tensor product spaces"
    Harbrecht, Helmut

  48. "Acoustic techniques for measuring stability and change in spoken language communication"
    Harrington, Jonathan

  49. "The fractional Clifford-Fourier transform"
    Hogan, Jeff

  50. "Sampling with Slepian functions and the computation of bandpass Slepians"
    Hogan, Jeff

  51. "Time-frequency analysis methods used in psychoacoustic research and auditory modeling"
    Hohmann, Volker

  52. "Real-time implementation of frequency-adaptive transforms"
    Holighaus, Nicki

  53. "Application of nonstationary Gabor transforms in beat tracking"
    Holzapfel, Andre

  54. "Pseudodifferential operators and stochastic processes"
    Jaffard, Stephane

  55. "Phase retrieval for the fractional Fourier transform"
    Jaming, Philippe

  56. "Estimation of the vocal tract shape of nasals using variational Bayes"
    Kasess, Christian

  57. "From Statistical estimation to frame construction: The heat kernel point of view G. Kerkyacharian (joint work with T. Coulhon, P. Petrushev)"
    Kerkyacharian, Gérard

  58. "Adaptive wavelet Galerkin methods: Extension to unbounded domains and fast evaluation of system matrices"
    Kestler, Sebastian

  59. "Towards a new generation of adaptive climate models using wavelets"
    Kevlahan, Nicholas

  60. "On the convergence analysis of Rothe's method"
    Kinzel, Stephane

  61. "Norm-Controlled Inversion in Smooth Subalgebras of Operator Algebras"
    Klotz, Andreas

  62. "strutured sparse decomposition via social sparsity shrinkage operator."
    Kowalski, Matthieu

  63. "Adaptive Approximations for PDE-Constrained Parabolic Control Problems with Stochastic Coefficients"
    Kunoth, Angela

  64. "On the construction of bases and frames for general distribution spaces"
    Kyriazis, George

  65. "Topological aspects of generalized Harper operators"
    Landi, Giovanni

  66. "Wavelet methods for stochastic evolution problems driven by noise"
    Larsson, Stig

  67. "Inverse closed subalgebras of noncommutative tori"
    Leinert, Michael

  68. "Adaptive wavelet domain decomposition methods for nonlinear elliptic PDEs"
    Lellek, Dominik

  69. "Composition of Toeplitz pseudodifferential operators with rough symbols"
    Lerner, Nicolas

  70. "Operator algebras in Gabor analysis"
    Luef, Franz

  71. "[CANCELED] Uncertainty principles and localization measures"
    Maass, Peter

  72. "Convergence of Classical Cardinal Series and Associated Questions"
    Madych, W.

  73. "Quantization rules and coorbit spaces for families of bounded operators"
    Mantoiu, Marius

  74. "Coherent Diffractive imaging"
    Marchesini, Stephano

  75. "Dictionary Learning and the identification of sound texture classes"
    Matusiak, Ewa

  76. "Phase retrieval with polarization"
    Mixon, Dustin G.

  77. "Variable Bandwidth Distribution Derivative method for robust estimation of highly modulated sinusoids with application to birdsong analysis"
    Musevic, Saso

  78. "A perfectly invertible and perceptually motivated time-frequency transform for audio representation, analysis and synthesis"
    Necciari, Thibaud

  79. "Decomposition type smoothness spaces"
    Nielsen, Morten

  80. "Analytic and Geometric Features of the Extended Metaplectic Representation"
    Nowak, Krzysztof

  81. "Non commutative solenoids and their projective modules"
    Packer, Judith

  82. "Better atomic decomposition results in the weighted Bergman spaces by applying the unified approach of the atomic decompositions of Feichtinger and Groechenig."
    Pap, Margit

  83. "Spectra of polynomial-coefficient differential systems: the case of Non-Commutative Harmonic Oscillators"
    Parmeggiani, Alberto

  84. "The Kadison-Singer Problem: An Overview"
    Paulsen, Vern

  85. "Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces in the general framework of Dirichlet spaces"
    Petrushev, Pencho

  86. "New results on the boundedness of linear and multilinear pseudodifferential operators on Lp, Sobolev, and modulation spaces"
    Pfander, Goetz

  87. "Sampling of Operators: an overview"
    Pfander, Goetz

  88. "Sustainable Software and Data for Reproducible Research in Signal Processing"
    Plumbley, Mark

  89. "Constructing a Projective Multiresolution Analysis"
    Purkis, Benjamin

  90. "Quarkonial frames of wavelet type - Stability, approximation and compression properties"
    Raasch, Thorsten

  91. "Equilibrium states on operator-algebraic dynamical systems"
    Raeburn, Iain

  92. "Phase space covers"
    Romero, Jose Luis

  93. "Gevrey spaces and ultradistributions on compact Lie groups and homogeneous spaces"
    Ruzhansky, Michael

  94. "Co-Sparsity (Tutorial)"
    Sangnam, Nam

  95. "A new framework for generalized Besov-type and Triebel-Lizorkin-type spaces"
    Sawano, Yoshihiro

  96. "Wavelets for reinforced function spaces on cubes"
    Scharf, Benjamin

  97. "Modulation spaces associated to Orlicz spaces and mixed-norm Orlicz spaces"
    Schnackers, Catherine

  98. "Vector tensorization and advances in tensor approximation"
    Schneider, Reinhold

  99. "Structured Shrinkage from an Audio Processing Perspective"
    Siedenburg, Kai

  100. "Space-variant Blind Deconvolution in Image Processing"
    Sroubek, Filip

  101. "Shearlet Coorbit Spaces"
    Steidl, Gabriele

  102. "Adaptive wavelet Galerkin methods for solving well-posed operator equations"
    Stevenson, Rob

  103. "PhaseLift: Exact Phase Retrieval via Convex Optimization"
    Strohmer, Thomas

  104. "Optimal constants and extremisers for some smoothing estimates"
    Sugimoto, Mitsuru

  105. "Coorbit theory, multi-alpha -modulation frames and the concept of structured sparsity for medical multi-channel imaging"
    Teschke, Gerd

  106. "Generalized Sampling: Extension to Frames and Inverse Problems"
    Teschke, Gerd

  107. "[CANCELLED!! ] Riesz transforms and mutipliers for the Grushin operator"
    Thangavelu, Sundaram

  108. "Multiplication properties in pseudo-differential calculus with small regularity assumptions on the symbols"
    Toft, Joachim

  109. "A new geometric regularity condition for the end-point estimates of bilinear  Calder\'on-Zygmund operators"
    Torres, Rodolfo H.

  110. "Time-Frequency analysis for multi-channel and/or multi-trial signals"
    Torresani, Bruno

  111. "Wavelets as an analysis tool for adaptive numerical methods"
    Tsogtgerel, Gantumur

  112. "Sharp Garding inequality on compact Lie groups"
    Turunen, Ville

  113. "Generalized Coorbit Space Theory for Quasi-Banach Spaces"
    Ullrich, Tino

  114. "The constant-Q transform via Gabor frames"
    Velasco, Gino Angelo

  115. "How to integrate audio source separation and classification? (Tutorial)"
    Vincent, Emmanuel

  116. "Covariance smoothing and consistent Wiener filtering for artifact reduction in audio source separation"
    Vincent, Emmanuel

  117. "Non-smooth atomic decompositions and applications to traces and pointwise multipliers"
    Vybiral, Jan

  118. "Phase recovery with PhaseCut and the wavelet transform case"
    Waldspurger, Irene

  119. "A frame construction for fast phase retrieval"
    Wang, Yang

  120. "$\alpha$-Modulation Spaces (I) Scaling, Embedding and Algebraic Properties"
    Wang, Baoxiang

  121. "Function Spaces of Besov-type and Triebel-Lizorkin-type"
    Wen, Yuan

  122. "Classes of pseudo-differential operators on compact Lie groups and global hypoellipticity"
    Wirth, Jens

  123. "Degenerate pseudodifferential operators of Vishik-Grushin type"
    Witt, Ingo

  124. "Nonparametric and adaptive modeling of dynamic seasonality and trend with heteroscedastic and dependent errors. Part I: Tutorial and Introduction to Synchrosqueezing transform"
    Wu, Hau-Tieng

  125. "Nonparametric and adaptive modeling of dynamic seasonality and trend with heteroscedastic and dependent errors. Part II: Applications"
    Wu, Hau-Tieng

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