Modern Methods of Time-Frequency Analysis II
September 10th to December 15th, 2012
Erwin Schroedinger Institute (Univ. Vienna)

Workshop: [W3] Phase space methods for pseudo-differential operators
organized by Karlheinz Gröchenig
15-19 OCT 2012
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  1. "Analysis of Iterative Regularized Least-Square Algorithm for Phaseless Reconstruction"
    Balan, Radu

  2. "Compact bilinear operators and commutators"
    Benyi, Arpad

  3. "On paradifferential operators and canonical transformations"
    Boulkhemair, Abdesslam

  4. "Gabor Representations of evolution operators"
    Cordero, Elena

  5. "Maximal Covariance Properties for Pseudo-Differential Operators"
    de Gosson, Maurice

    De Gosson, Maurice

  7. " Reverse-time-migration based inverse scattering using the dyadic parabolic decomposition of phase space "
    deHoop, Maarten V.

  8. "On the nuclearity of pseudodiferential operators on compact Lie groups"
    Delgado, Julio

  9. "The landscape of COORBIT THEORY: known and less well known terretories: moderated discussion"
    Feichtinger, Hans G.

  10. "Gabor Analysis realized via MATLAB: a demo"
    Feichtinger, Hans G.

  11. "Pseudodifferential operators and stochastic processes"
    Jaffard, Stephane

  12. "Composition of Toeplitz pseudodifferential operators with rough symbols"
    Lerner, Nicolas

  13. "Quantization rules and coorbit spaces for families of bounded operators"
    Mantoiu, Marius

  14. "Spectra of polynomial-coefficient differential systems: the case of Non-Commutative Harmonic Oscillators"
    Parmeggiani, Alberto

  15. "New results on the boundedness of linear and multilinear pseudodifferential operators on Lp, Sobolev, and modulation spaces"
    Pfander, Goetz

  16. "Sampling of Operators: an overview"
    Pfander, Goetz

  17. "Gevrey spaces and ultradistributions on compact Lie groups and homogeneous spaces"
    Ruzhansky, Michael

  18. "Optimal constants and extremisers for some smoothing estimates"
    Sugimoto, Mitsuru

  19. "[CANCELLED!! ] Riesz transforms and mutipliers for the Grushin operator"
    Thangavelu, Sundaram

  20. "Multiplication properties in pseudo-differential calculus with small regularity assumptions on the symbols"
    Toft, Joachim

  21. "A new geometric regularity condition for the end-point estimates of bilinear  Calder\'on-Zygmund operators"
    Torres, Rodolfo H.

  22. "Time-Frequency analysis for multi-channel and/or multi-trial signals"
    Torresani, Bruno

  23. "Sharp Garding inequality on compact Lie groups"
    Turunen, Ville

  24. "$\alpha$-Modulation Spaces (I) Scaling, Embedding and Algebraic Properties"
    Wang, Baoxiang

  25. "Classes of pseudo-differential operators on compact Lie groups and global hypoellipticity"
    Wirth, Jens

  26. "Degenerate pseudodifferential operators of Vishik-Grushin type"
    Witt, Ingo

  1. Radu Balan (University of Maryland ) USA
  2. Dominik Bayer (Acoustics Research Institute, Austrian Academy of Sciences) AUSTRIA
  3. Arpad Benyi (Western Washington University) USA
  4. Abdesslam Boulkhemair (Université de Nantes) FRANCE
  5. Elena Cordero (University of Torino) ITALY
  6. Maurice de Gosson (NuHAG-Fakultät für Mathematik, Wien) AUSTRIA
  7. Maarten V. deHoop (Purdue University) USA
  8. Julio Delgado (Imperial College London) UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Hans G. Feichtinger (NuHAG, Univ. Vienna) AUSTRIA
  10. Martina Glogowatz (University of Vienna) AUSTRIA
  11. Christopher Heil (Georgia Tech.) USA
  12. Sigrid Bettina Heineken (University of Buenos Aires) ARGENTINA
  13. Stephane Jaffard (University of Paris) FRANCE
  14. Nicolas Lerner (Université Paris) FRANCE
  15. Eugenia Malinnikova (Norwegian Technical University Trondheim) NORWAY
  16. Marius Mantoiu (Univ. Santiago de Chile und Romanian Academy of Sciences) CHILE
  17. Hrushikesh Mhaskar (California Institute of Technology, Claremont Graduate University) UNITED STATES
  18. James Oldfield (University College London) UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Alberto Parmeggiani (University of Bologna) ITALY
  20. Goetz Pfander (Jacobs University Bremen) GERMANY
  21. Luigi Rodino (University Torino) ITALY
  22. David Rottensteiner (Imperial College London) UK
  23. Michael Ruzhansky (Imperial College, London) UK
  24. Mitsuru Sugimoto (University of Nagoya) JAPAN
  25. Sergey Tikhonov (ICREA and CRM) SPAIN
  26. Joachim Toft (Linnaeus University) SWEDEN
  27. Rodolfo H. Torres (University of Kansas) UNITED STATES
  28. Ville Turunen (Aalto University) FINLAND
  29. Baoxiang Wang (Peking University) CHINA
  30. Timothy Wertz (University of California) USA
  31. Jens Wirth (University of Stuttgart) GERMANY
  32. Ingo Witt (University of Goettingen) GERMANY

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