Modern Methods of Time-Frequency Analysis II
September 10th to December 15th, 2012
Erwin Schroedinger Institute (Univ. Vienna)

Workshop: [W5] Operator algebras and time-frequency methods
organized by Franz Luef
19-23 NOV 2012
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  1. "Spectral Triples"
    Carey, Alan

  2. "Some aspects of physics over local fields and finite approximations"
    Digernes, Trond

  3. "Gabor Analysis realized via MATLAB: a demo"
    Feichtinger, Hans G.

  4. "Frames in Hilbert C*-modules and stabilization theorems"
    Frank, Michael

  5. "Means, covariance, Fisher information: the quantum theory and the uncertainty relations"
    Gibilisco, Paolo

  6. "On deformed noncommutative tori"
    Grosse, Harald

  7. "Groupoid Crossed Products and AF-Algebras in Time-Frequency Analysis"
    Guillemard, Mijail

  8. "Norm-Controlled Inversion in Smooth Subalgebras of Operator Algebras"
    Klotz, Andreas

  9. "Topological aspects of generalized Harper operators"
    Landi, Giovanni

  10. "Inverse closed subalgebras of noncommutative tori"
    Leinert, Michael

  11. "Operator algebras in Gabor analysis"
    Luef, Franz

  12. "Non commutative solenoids and their projective modules"
    Packer, Judith

  13. "The Kadison-Singer Problem: An Overview"
    Paulsen, Vern

  14. "Constructing a Projective Multiresolution Analysis"
    Purkis, Benjamin

  15. "Equilibrium states on operator-algebraic dynamical systems"
    Raeburn, Iain

  1. Alan Carey (Australian National University) AUSTRALIA
  2. Trond Digernes (NTNU, Trondheim) NORWAY
  3. Hans G. Feichtinger (NuHAG, Univ. Vienna) AUSTRIA
  4. Michael Frank (HTWK Leipzig) GERMANY
  5. Paolo Gibilisco (Università Tor Vergata) ITALY
  6. Harald Grosse (University of Vienna) AUSTRIA
  7. Mijail Guillemard (TU Berlin) GERMANY
  8. Andreas Klotz (TU Vienna) AUSTRIA
  9. Giovanni Landi (University of Triest) ITALY
  10. Michael Leinert (Universität Heidelberg) GERMANY
  11. Hanfeng Li (University of Buffalo) USA
  12. Franz Luef (UC Berkeley) USA
  13. Markus Neuhauser (RWTH Aachen) GERMANY
  14. Judith Packer (University of Colorado) USA
  15. Vern Paulsen (University of Houston) USA
  16. Benjamin Purkis (University of Colorado) USA
  17. Iain Raeburn (University of Wollongong) AUSTRALIA

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