FLAME Kickoff
May 7.-8. 2012
Acoustics Research Institute, Vienna, AUSTRIA


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  1. "Continuous frames: variations on a theme"
    Antoine, Jean-Pierre

  2. "Overview of FLAME"
    Balazs, Peter

  3. "Continuous Frame Multipliers"
    Bayer, Dominik

  4. "Approaches to Forensic Voice Comparison"
    Becker, Timo

  5. "Sparse approximations and some inverse problems in acoustics"
    Chardon, Gilles

  6. "What are optimal Gabor families"
    Feichtinger, Hans G.

  7. "Frame quantization or exploring the world like a starfish"
    Gazeau, Jean-Pierre

  8. "Pulse-shaping Multicarrier Transmission over Underspread Fading Channels: A Time-Frequency Perspective"
    Hlawatsch, Franz

  9. "Estimation of branched tube models for nasals"
    Kasess, Christian H.

  10. "Adaptive Wavelet and Frames for BEM in Acoustics"
    Kreuzer, Wolfgang

  11. "Denoising of the Room Impulse Responses in the Time-Frequency Domain"
    Majdak, Piotr

  12. "Research questions regarding the dark lateral in Modern Standard Albanian and in the Viennese dialect."
    Moosmueller, Sylvia

  13. "Design and implementation of the ERBlet transform"
    Necciari, Thibaud

  14. "A method for optimizing the Gabor window with respect a time-frequency pattern"
    Ricaud, Benjamin

  15. "Frames in LTFAT"
    Sondergaard, Peter

  16. "Time-Frequency Representation adapted to Perception"
    Speckbacher, Michael

  17. "Canonical forms of unconditionally convergent multipliers"
    Stoeva, Diana

  18. "Characterization of frame concepts in Banach spaces and application to Hilbert frame theory"
    Stoeva, Diana

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