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Today: Friday, 19. July 2019

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[22.07.2019 Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon] (:) : Feichtinger Hans G. "Function spaces and Operators for Fourier Analysis via the Banach Gelfand Triple"
[22.07.2019 Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon] (17:00) : Hans Feichtinger "Finite dimensional approximation of continuous problems in Gabor analysis: the case of discrete Hermite functions."
[24.07.2019 IWOTA 2019, Lisbon] (:) : Hans G. Feichtinger "Classical Fourier Analysis and the Banach Gelfand Triple"
[30.07.2019 ISAAC Conf. 2019, Aveiro] (:) : Hans G. Feichtinger "Current problems in Gabor Analysis"
[14.08.2019 Budapest, AnMath Conference] (:) : Feichtinger Hans G. "The Banach Gelfand Triple and Fourier Standard Spaces"

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