Previous Seminar Talks

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Seminar talks: SUMMER TERM 2005

  • March10th,Wojciech Czaja: A $1-\\infty$ Balian-Low Theorem.
  • March 17th, HGFei (?)
  • March 24th - April 3rd EASTER vacations
  • April 4th: Courses resume: H.G.Feichtinger: Gelfand Triples and the Generalized Fourier Transform
  • April 5th: Course of Charly Groechenig starts (Tuesday/Wednesday)
  • April 14th: please join the ESI workshop of this week
  • April 21st:: Speaker: Keith Taylor, Dalhousie University, Halifax.. The vision system and signal processing of electroretinograms
  • April 28st see HASSIP Workshop !!! (whole week, around HASSIP mid-term meeting)
  • May 5th (holiday), ESI workshop during the whole week.
  • May 12th: HGFei: The usefulness of the Gelfand-Triple (S0,L2,SO')
  • May 19th: Radu Balan: Wiener's inversion theorem for twisted convolution
  • May 26th : Fronleichnam: public holiday (Strobl conference all week also!)
  • June: 2: Alex Powell: Recent work on the Balian-Low Theorem'
    at ESI Geometric Methods in Analysis and Probability
  • June 9th: (ESI WKS) SEE here for June 12 + 15th , at 16.15 (Math.Faculty): Prof. Dr. Emmanuel J. Candes (California Institute of Technology) ''Robust Uncertainty Principles and Signal Recovery from Incomplete Measurements''
  • June 16th: D.101, between 13.00 and 15.45 (check the times):
    Talks on 13.00: "Sparse Image Approximation with application to flexible image coding" (Rosa M. Figuerias:Ventura) and (around 13.40:): Philippe Jost: "Tree-Based Pursuit"; then
    AROUND 14.30: Talk by Thomasz Hrycak (Wroclaw): "A numerical study of a class of functional equations".
  • June 23rd: (not yet fixed): Elena Cordero: Symbolic calculus for localization operators (40 minutes)
    + Wenchang Sun: "g-frames: a generalization of the frame concept" (30 minutes)
  • June 30 th (cf. also ESI workshops early June): HGFei:
    Abstract: Given a certain non-linear functional F, we attempt to compute a function y of a real variable, such that F(ty(x)) = 0 for every real t. We compare two numerical algorithms for this problem, and present an application from the theory of the heat equation.

Seminar talks: WINTER TERM 2004/2005

  • Oct. 7th : Meeting of master students of HGFei: What are the topics, goals, dates and plans for this semester!? .
  • Wojciech Czaja: On Naimark's theorem
  • HGFei: Algorithms in Gabor analysis (new developments)
  • HGFei: Decomposition spaces (and their connection to modulation and Besov spaces)
  • Oct. 14th: HGFei: Introduction to the NuHAG basic MATLAB toolbox!
  • Oct. 20st:Monika Doerfler: Quilted Gabor Frames
  • Oct. 21st: Project seminar: D4=D.101, NuHAG MATLAB toolbox, continued
  • Oct. 21st, Massimo Fornasier: Adaptive methods for the solution of pseudo-differential equations
  • Oct. 28th:Franz Luef: Rieffel's work related to Gabor Analysis and Feichtinger's algebra
  • Nov.4th, 2004: Project seminar (HGFei): Basic computational Gabor Analysis
  • Nov. 4th, 2004 : Tobias Werther: Minimal norm interpolation in Sobolev algebras (A8, 15.00 - 16.30)
  • Nov. 11th, 2004: Ewa Matusiak : "Improvements in Uncertainty Principle for Finite Abelian Groups"
  • Nov. 18th, 2004: Norbert Kaiblinger: "Quasi-Interpolation in the Fourier algebra and in Feichtinger's Algebra"
  • Nov. 24th: HGFei : Wiener-type spaces (old and new)
  • Nov. 25th, 2004: Nenad Teofanov: First lectures on test functions
    (Gevrey classes, ultra-distributions, modulation spaces).
  • Dec.1st, 2004: Ferenc Weisz: Wiener Amalgam Spaces and Summability
  • Dec. 2nd, 2004: HGFei: Wiener-type spaces (continued): duality, convolutions
  • Dec. 9th, 2004: Patrik Wahlberg: The Wigner distribution of a Gaussian stochastic process
  • Dec. 15th: C:209, 16.15:: OEMG talk: Prof. Karel Dekimpe (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven )
    "Groups in action: from Euclidean to polynomial crystallographic groups"
  • Dec. 17th, 2004: 8.p.m. "Christmas party" (Mnozil's : 1010 Wien, Seilerstätte 13);
  • Jan.12th, 2005:Qasem Narimani:Wiener amalgam spaces: (duality +) pointw. multipliers.
  • Jan.13th, 2005: General Meeting: INFO EXCHANGE on items from the reading list resp. on papers under preparation (new developments)
  • Jan. 19th, 2004: Andreas Klotz: DDD04 : report on the topic "linear inverse problems with a sparsity constraint: the approach of Daubechies, Defrise, De Mol"
  • Jan.20th, 2005 (13.15 - 14.45): Richard Mair: Numerische Verfahren f. Differentialgleichungen
  • Jan.20th, 2005 (15.00-16.30): Thomas Klingenboeck: Report on result by J.Tropp: Geometric Structure of Dictionaries
  • Jan. 24 - 27th January 2005 ( Gabor WORKSHOP!! )
  • Jan 31st, last lecture

Seminar talks: SUMMER TERM 2004

  • April 20, 2004: Thomas Klingenböck: "Exact Recovery of Sparse Functions"
  • April 27, 2004: HGFei: The affine space of weakly dual Gabor atoms (properties, problems)
  • May 5-th: 2004: Massimo Fornasier: Time-frequency analysis and variational methods in image processing
  • May 12-th: Third Viennese Gabor Workshop (full programme for May 10-12th)
  • Tuesday, May 18th: Ewa Matusiak: Metaplectic representation in characteristic 2
  • May 27 th: Georg Sprengler: Banach algebra methods for Banach frame theory

Seminar talks: WINTER TERM 2003/2004

  • Oct. 2nd: Meeting of master students of HGFei: what are the topics, goals, dates and plans.
  • Oct. 9th: HGFei: Basic facts about matrices, PINV, SVD, Gabor matrices, Riesz bases
  • Oct. 16th: HGFei: Algorithms in Gabor analysis (sparsity, Janssen representation, etc.)
  • Oct. 25th and November: Numerical Gabor Analysis (MATLAB tools, lin.alg. etc.)
  • Nov.: Mario Hampejs: New algorithms (due to Janssen and himself) for dual and tight Gabor atoms.
  • Dec. 11th T. Werther: Oblique projections and spline type spaces (joint with Y.Eldar)
  • Jan. 22nd, 2004: HGFei: Wiener Amalgam spaces, retracts and interpolation methods
  • Jan. 29th, 2004: Thomas Klingenböck: Greedy Algorithms (a short summary)

NuHAG Privatissimum

  • Oct. 14th: Ewa Matusiak: Uncertainty relations over finite Abelian Groups (a new proof)
  • Oct. 28th: Wenchang Sun: Density and stability of wavelet frames
  • Nov. 5th: Franz Luef: Continuous dependence of canonical tight Gabor atom on lattice constants
  • Nov. 12th: Niklas Grip: Efficient Wavelet Prefilters with Optimal Time-Shifts
  • Monika Doerfler: A new characterization of modulation spaces using partitions of the TF-plane

Seminar talks: SUMMER TERM 2003

  • Holger Rauhut: Harmonische Analyse für radiale Funktionen. Do., 13.März.
  • HGFei:  Die Grundlagen der FFT (welche eine unitäre lin.Transformation ist, deren Basisvektoren Eigenvektoren f.d. Translation im zyklischenSinne sind), Modell der Funktionen auf der zyklischen Gruppe der Ordnung $n$. 
  • HGFei:  Matrizen, Spalten und Zeilenraum, Singulärwertzerlegung, Pseudoinverse. 
  • Bericht von A.Klotz über ein medizinische Projekt (gemeinsam mit Prof. A.Amann, Univ. Innsbruck), NB-Proj.9942, Zeit-Frequenzmethoden zur Analyse von Kammerflimmern: 20 März   (sowie HGFei:  PINV und Matrizen). 
  • Markus Jandrasits: Vocoder  27.März
  • Wenchang Sun: April 23rd, 1.p.m.:  Stability of irregular Gabor frames
  • HGFei:  Overview over MATLAB TOOLS for Gabor Analysis at NuHAG  (2.15- 4.30 pm)
  • Christoph Veigl: 8.Mai, 15.00: Mathematische Analsye von biologischen Meßwerten (mit Berücksichtigung der EEG-Echzeitanalyse)
  • Stephan Paukner: "Information fusion in image understanding"  (Object recognition from multiple views)
  • Alexander Boukhgueim: Numerical solution of tensor and emission tomography problems (progress within the NetAGES project) 
  • June 5th: Thomas Strohmer (Univ.Davis/CA):  Gabor Analysis and wireless communication
  • Tobias Werther: progress on work within the NetAGES project 
  • HGFei: Computational Gabor Analysis: The NuHAG Toolbox
  • Massimo Fornasier: "Flexible Gabor Expansions"    
  • NO SEMINAR (due to official holidays): May 1, May 28th and June 19th
  • JUNE 26th: Continuous wavelet transforms: Basic properties  (seminar talk by Barbara Fischer and Karin Kieberger)
  • Holger Rauhut:  Tuesday, June 24th,  Coorbit spaces for functions invariant under a group action

Seminar talks: WINTER TERM 2002/2003

  • Oct. 10, 17 th HGFei: Einführung in die Theorie der Frames, Gabor- und Wavelet Familien.
  • Oct. 24: Mario Hampejs: Bestimmung von dualen Gabor Atomen (algorithmischer Ansatz)
  • Oct. 31st: Tobias Werther: "Generalized Interpolation with Surface Splines." ("Verallgemeinerte Interpolation mit Surface-Splines")
  • Nov. 7th: Peter Balazs: Grundlagen von MPEG7 (und Anmerkungen zu STX)
  • Nov. 14th: Harald Schwab: Maximum Likelyhood Schätzer und Histogramme
  • Nov. 21th: Johann Kim (Dissertant von Prof. Neumaier): Geometrische und hierarchische Aspekte stochastischer Modelle in der Anthropologie
  • Nov. 22nd: Demo of NuHAG research: ( "computational music students" from Padua, Prof. Giovanni Depoli)
  • Nov. 28th: Christian Schmutzer: Thema Computergraphik ("Quadric-Based Polygonal Surface Simplication")
  • Dec. 5th: Susanne Brandstätter: Eigenschaften von lokalen Polynomschätzern
  • Dec. 12th, Albert Stückler: Kernschätzer, Histogramme und dergleichen.
  • Dec. 19th 2002, Monika Dörfler: Gabor Analysis applied to musical signals
  • Jan. 9th: Yu Shimizu: Paradigmless evaluation of fMRI timseries by Wavelet analysis (functional MRI)
  • Jan. 23rd: Karin Nowak "Fourier Transform in Magnetic Resonance Imaging" (Part I)
  • Jan. 30th: Christian Roedl: "Fourier Transform in Magnetic Resonance Imaging" (Part II)

Seminar talks: SUMMER TERM 2002

  • Franz Franchetti (TU Wien, Inst.f.Numerik): High-performance FFT Software
  • Tobias Werther: Semi-Hilbert Spaces with Application in Scattered Data Interpolation
  • HGFei: Introductory Seminar: Fourier Analysis and signal processing (& MATLAB)
  • Franz Luef : On the theory of quasi-analytic functions
  • Thomas Klingenböck: Greedy algorithms (Basic theory, algorithms, theory)
  • Norbert Kaiblinger: Changing the lattice constants for Gabor frames.
  • Elena Cordero: Generalized localization operators (AntiWick symbols)
  • Mario Hampejs: Best Approximation of matrices by Gabor multipliers
  • Monika Dörfler: : Gabor analysis and localization operators

Seminar talks: SUMMER TERM 2001

  • March 8th: Chris Heil (Georgia Tech): On the construction of multivariate wavelets, basic principles
  • March 14th: Goetz Pfander (Univ. Hohenheim): Estimates of the Crest Factor for trigonometric polynomials (joint work with K.Jetter and G.Zimmermann)
  • March 15th: Tobias Werther: Radial basis functions and "native Hilbert spaces".
  • March 22nd: HGFei: local inversion of frame-type operators (informal presentation).
  • April 5th: Yu Shimizu: Sampling methods for NMR.
  • April 10th, 11.00: Alexander Boukhgueim: Curves and Surfaces in CAD (Demo and mathematical background)
  • April 18th, 11.00: Niklas Grip: Stability of Weyl-Heisenberg families.
  • April 26th: K.Gröchenig: Wave packages (according to Folland) May 2nd: K.Gröchenig: Uncertainty principles in time-frequency analysis
  • May 7th: Bernard Keville (Dublin): Generalized Stochastic Processes
  • May 15th: no seminar (HGFei visiting Sampta03 in Orlando)
  • June 25th: K. Tachizawa: results of his own

Seminar talks: WINTER TERM 2000/2001

  • Seminar: 12. Okt. 2000, HGFei Best Approximation of matrices by Gabor multipliers (joint work with Mario Hampejs)
  • Seminar: 30. Okt. 2000 Tobias Werther reporting about his LEONARDO industrial fellowship at Schlumberger-Gecco, Stavanger (Norway), July to October 2000.
  • Nov. 9th/16th, 2000: K.Gröchenig: Wiener's Lemma for Twisted Convolution and Gabor Analysis
  • Nov. 20th, TU Vienna, 16.00: HGFei:: "Ist Fourier-Analysis noch zeitgemäss? (Gabor analysis und Anwendungen)
  • Nov. 21st, 10.30 Monika Dörfler: Gabor Analysis for audio signals
  • Nov. 23rd: HGFei: Minimal norm interpolation in Harmonic Hilbert spaces (work in progress with S.Pandey)
  • Nov. 30th, LOSERT SEMINAR, Wstr. 17, Sem.Raum, 6. Stock, 13.15 -- 14.45: K. Gröchenig: "(Quadr.) integrierbare Darstellungen, idempotente in L^1(G),Gruppenduale und reproduzierende Formeln"
  • Nov. 30th, 2000: H.Schwab: Reconstruction of band-limited functions from averages , work in prog)ress
  • Dec. 7th, 2000: K.Gröchenig: Irregular sampling in shift-invariant spaces
  • Dec. 20th, 2000: H. Griebel: Sampling rate conversion, a practical approach
  • Dec. 20th, 2000: T. Klingenböck: Report on industrial fellowship Sept.-Nov. 2000 at Philips (Eindhoven),concerning the processing of head-related transfer functions.
  • Jan.11th, 2001: M.Dörfler: Representations of Gabor multipliers (standard seminar date)
  • Jan.18th, 2001: no seminar (probably), due to HGFei being in the Netherlands
  • Jan. 25th, 2001: HGFei: Properties of STFT-Multipliers with general symbols
  • Jan. 31st, 2001, 10.30:: W.Czaja: Fourier transform characterizations of Gabor frames
  • Feb. 1st, 2001: Norbert Kaiblinger: Quasiinterpolation and approximation of continuous Gabor systems by finite ones.

Seminar talks: SUMMER TERM 2000

  • March 16th and 23rd, HGFei: New results in GABOR ANALYSIS and sampling theory
  • March 30th: Mario Hampejs: Fovation operators
  • April 6th: Harald Schwab: Reconstruction of band-limited functions from local averages.
  • April 13th; Yu Shimizu: Report on one-month visit to Münster (Prof. Natterer): Algorithms for tomography
  • May 4, 11, 18, 25 th: informal meetings, project discussions
  • May 22 - 26th, intensive courses/seminars (block courses), topic to be announced
  • May 29th -- 31st: Gabor Centenary Workshop
  • June 8th; Nenad Teofanov (Univ. Novi Sad): Fourier transforms on some useful spaces

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