Talks given at NuHAG events

Gabor Representations of evolution operators

  Elena Cordero

  given at  esi12 (16.10.12 14:30)
  id:  2353
  length:  45min
We perform a time-frequency analysis of Fourier multipliers and, more generally, pseudodifferential operators with symbols of Gevrey, analytic and ultra-analytic type. As an application we show that Gabor frames, which provide optimally sparse decompositions for Schr\"odinger-type propagators, surprisingly reveal to be an equally efficient tool for representing solutions to hyperbolic and parabolic-type differential equations with constant coefficients. In fact, the Gabor matrix representation of the corresponding propagator displays super-exponential decay away from the diagonal.

This is a joint work with F. Nicola and L. Rodino

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