Talks given at NuHAG events

Coherent Diffractive imaging

  Stephano Marchesini
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

  given at  esi12 (08.10.12 10:30)
  id:  2361
  length:  70min
I will describe the progression of x-ray scattering and diffraction techniques and related inverse problems from the development of X-ray crystallography in the early twentieth century through the solution to protein structures to modern coherent diffractive imaging techniques. In recent years, to overcome the limits of x-ray microscopy - the production of high-resolution lenses - groups around the world have started to develop techniques based on the recording of diffraction intensity patterns, and subsequent phase retrieval, through holographic, interferometric and multiplexing techniques to the modern implementation of ptychographic imaging. Even though these ultrahigh resolution diffractive techniques will soon be producing tremendous amounts of data, this data is still indirect, incomplete and far from perfect. I will describe some of the challenges in formulating and solving these inverse problems at an x-ray user facility.

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