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Renormalized Haar system as quasi-greedy basis in $L^1(0,1)$

  Smbat Gogyan
    Institute of Mathematics, Polish Academy of Sciences

  given at  strobl07 (21.06.07 09:00)
  id:  570
  length:  25min
  status:  accepted
  type:  talk
Let $\{h_n\}$ be the Haar system (normalized in $L^1(0,1)$). We describe all nondecreasing sequences $\omega=\{\omega_n\}$
such that the system $\{\omega_n h_n\}$ is a quasi-greedy basis in
$L^1(0,1)$. We also prove convergence result on Weak Thresholding Greedy Algorithm in $L^1(0,1)$.

Some results on equivalence of Stromberg and Haar wavelets are
obtained as well.\

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