Trends in Harmonic Analysis
June 18-22, 2007
Strobl, Salzburg, AUSTRIA

General Information 

last update: 16.Feb. 2007 :: read as PDF: info.pdf  

If you plan to attend the conference and have not yet registered, please register on-line at the conference website and enter the requested data.
So far we have about 80 preliminary registrations. The capacity at the conference center is limited to about 100 guests. We will start to accept talks by early March until the slots are filled.

Please provide (at least a short abstract, about 1 page) as soon as possible. The final deadline is April 30. Notice: You have to be registered before you can submit your abstract!
Please go to and enter your name. After you have entered general information about your talk you can submit your abstract in TEXT and/or TeX format.

To limit the number of talks, we encourage poster presentations.

All participants will be accomodated at the conference center "BIFEB" (Bundesinstitut fuer Erwachsenenbildung). There are single rooms and double rooms. (We would appreciate information about room sharing). The costs for a single room with full board are up to 60 Euro per day. Of you want to stay in a hotel in the neighborhood (e.g. because you bring your family) this has to be arranged separately.

Registration fee:
The registration fee will be 100 Euro. Deadline for payment is May 15.
Please transfer to the BIFEB account at the PSK bank:

IBAN: AT836000000005030532, BIC: OPSKATWW
For transfers within Austria :
account number ("Kontonummer") 5030.532,
bank code ("Bankleitzahl"): 60.000

The room assignment can be done only after we have received the registration fee.

As Strobl is about 3 hours from Vienna, we will organize a bus for the transportation from Vienna (airport and central train station) to Strobl on Sunday, June 17, around 1 or 2 p.m. If there is sufficient demand, we may also be able to organize a bus for the return trip to Vienna on Saturday, June 23, arriving in Vienna around noon. In addition, there is also public transportation to Salzburg (bus), Vienna (bus and train, ca. 4 1/2 hours), and Munich airport (bus and train and regional train, ca. 4 - 5 hours).

Please find here an overview for the public transport connections between Vienna and Strobl: [pdf Wien-Strobl]
Trains circulate between Vienna and Bad Ischl, the distance of 10km between Bad Ischl and Strobl is served by buses.
Please note: since the bus service is more limited than train service, you might want to check also this schedule [pdf Wien-Bad Ischl] for earlier or later train connections. Taxis to and from Bad Ischl are available.

Participants who arrive earlier or leave later, should find their own accommodation for the extra days. Some helpful addresses are

Help desk:
The conference website is
It will be updated regularly. We urge you to use for administrative and special questions the following contact address (and NOT that of the mainorganizers):

Austrian "Bundesministerium fuer Bildung, Wissenschaft und Kultur"
European Science Foundation

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