Please goto for NuHAG-logos.
Click »here« for MOHAWI-logo.

Template for NuHAG-LaTeX document:

You can use article_template.tex for starting a document.
article_template.tex includes nhgmacr.tex for TeX-macros and nhgbib.bib for references.
Please download article_template.tex, nhgmacr.tex, nhgbib.bib in the same directory.
article_template.tex [2747 Bytes]
nhgmacr.tex [177006 Bytes]
nhgmacr_temp.tex [30118 Bytes]
nhgmacrdemo.pdf [450698 Bytes]
nhgmacrdemo_desc.pdf [521090 Bytes]
nhgbib.bib [7345276 Bytes]
nhgbib_1.pdf(Part 1) [1345445 Bytes]
nhgbib_2.pdf(Part 2) [1380485 Bytes]
nhgbib_3.pdf(Part 3) [1393316 Bytes]

See also and for downloading the most recent updated versions!!

Template for LaTeX-POSTER [NuHAG-theme]

please download

please download

Template for LaTeX-BEAMER-SLIDES [NuHAG-theme]

This template uses the LaTeX-package LaTeX-Beamer (see latex-beamer homepage:

You will need this three packages: latex-beamer, pgf, xcolor

Click »here« for downloading the packages.
If you have the actual version of MikTeX the packages can be installed "on-the-fly".

Using LaTeX-Beamer you can choose between a lots of different themes. Click »here« to see some of the themes!

The NuHAG-theme - using in this template - is a modified Berkely-theme!
Following modifications were done:
  • The UniVie-logo and NuHAG-logo are inserted into the first-page
  • The NuHAG-logo is inserted into all other pages
  • The file beamerouterthemesidebar.sty has been modifed so that the name and title is NOT displayed on the left sidebar.
For more information on LaTeX-Beamer see the userguide.pdf [PDF 1742kB]
Please download following ZIP file and extract all the files into the same directory:
This ZIP-file contains following files:
  1. nhgslides.tex ... the TeX-template
  2. siegel.png ... the logo: University of Vienna
  3. logo.jpg ... the logo: NuHAG
  4. n3.png ... the NuHAG "N"
  5. beamerthemeNUHAG.sty ... the NuHAG-style file
  6. beamerouterthemesidebar.sty ... modified style-file

see the demo »nhgslides.pdf«

Templates for personal homepage:

(use right-click and "Save Link As..." to save HTML-code)
  1. INDEX.HTM: Start-file with one main-part and 4 sub-parts
  2. INDEX2.HTM: Start-file with one main-part and 3 sub-parts
  3. SITE1.HTM: File with one main-part
  4. IMPRESSUM.HTM: You have to use an impressum!

Templates for Power-Point Presentations: