• Austrian Journal of Mycology

Austrian Journal of Mycology

The Austrian Journal of Mycology will publish original papers on systematics, phylogeny, morphol­ogy, anatomy, ecology, and distribution of fungi (including lichens). It is a peer-reviewed, international journal issued yearly by the Austrian Mycological Society. 

Free of page charges (except for extra choice of Open Access or reprints).

The Austrian journal of mycology is indexed and abstracted in CABI.

Printed in Austria.  ISSN 1021-2450.

Issue 27


1-4 Nonzom, S., Sumbali G. New record of Geosmithia rufescens from a high altitude pass in the trans-Himalayan region  abstract pay pdf (published online 15. January 2019)
5-10 Yazici, K., Aptroot, A., Karahan, D. New lichen records of Acarospora and Lecidea species for Turkey and Asia abstract pay-pdf (published online 15. January 2019)
11-21 Guerrero, J. J. G., Dalisay, T. U. Fungal endophytes across tissue layers of Canarium ovatum (Burseraceae) fruit pdf-open-access (published online 15. January 2019)
23-30 Melzer, A., Kimani, V. W., Ullrich, R. A new species of Psathyrella (Agaricales) from a Kenyan National Park pdf-open-access (published online 15. January 2019)
31-36 Breuss, O.. Neue und bemerkenswerte Flechtenfunde von den Azoren (Insel São Miguel) II abstract pay-pdf (published online 15. January 2019)
37-42 Friebes, G., Melzer, A. Psathyrella lyckebodensis, a first record for Austria pdf-open-access (published online 15. January 2019)
43-52 Hahn, C., Friebes, G., Krisai-Greilhuber, I. Sarcodon fennicus, a boreo-montane stipitate hydnoid fungus
with a remarkable smell pdf-open-access (published online 24. February 2019)
53-57 Banerjee, A., Nath, P. S. Conidia production of Exserohilum turcicum by a two-phase system using sponge matrix abstract pay-pdf (published online 16. April 2019)
59-64 Brodegger, E., Koncilja, M., Krisai-Greilhuber, I. Ein rezenter Fund von Mycena chloroxantha var. appalachienensis aus dem Botanikzentrum Klagenfurt pdf-open-access (published online 16. April 2019)
65-69 Pidlich-Aigner, H., Klofac, W. Russula camarophylla – eine ungewöhnliche Art der Sektion Archaeinae. Russula camarophylla – an unusual species of section Archaeinae abstract pay-pdf (published online 16. April 2019)
71-80 Sengupta, S. C., Dubey, R. Rare and interesting microfungi at the confluence of Eastern and Western Ghats (India) abstract pay-pdf (published online 8. June 2019)
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x New taxa proposed in this issue, Book reviews, Instructions to Authors pdf-open-access  (published January 3, 2019)(in German)
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