• Austrian Journal of Mycology

Austrian Journal of Mycology

The Austrian Journal of Mycology will publish original papers on systematics, phylogeny, morphol­ogy, anatomy, ecology, and distribution of fungi (including lichens). It is a peer-reviewed, international journal issued yearly by the Austrian Mycological Society. 

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The Austrian journal of mycology is indexed and abstracted in CABI.

Printed in Austria.  ISSN 1021-2450.

Issue 28


1-7 Yazıcı, K., Karahan, D., Aslan A. Cladonia uncialis subsp. uncialis, Scythioria phlogina and Sticta limbata – three new lichen records for Turkey and Asia abstract pay-pdf (published online 22, February 2020)
9-12 Klofac, W., Krisai-Greilhuber,I. Xerocomus ferrugineus f. aurantiiporus, eine neue Form mit orangen Röhren aus Österreich. Xerocomus ferrugineus f. aurantiiporus, a new form with orange tubes from Austria pdf-open-access  (published online 20. June 2020)
13-18 Hausknecht, A., Krisai-Greilhuber, I. Pholiotina pleurocystidiata (Bolbitiaceae), eine neue Art mit Pleurozystiden. Pholiotina pleurocystidiata (Bolbitiaceae), a new species with pleurocystidia. pdf-open-access (published online 3. August 2020)
19-21 Klofac, W., Krisai-Greilhuber,I. Nomenclatural novelties in Boletales. pdf-open-access (published online 18. August 2020)
23-36 Adora, B. A. L., Dalisay, T. U., Pangga, I. B., Ceballo, F. A. Foliar fungal diseases on rubber, Hevea brasiliensis, planted in selected non-traditional areas in the Philippinesabstract pay-pdf (published online 20, September 2020)
37-43 Guerrero, J. J. G., Bañares, E. N., General, M. A., Imperial, J. T. Rapid survey of macrofungi within an urban forest fragment in Bicol, eastern Philippines pdf-open-access (published online 20, September 2020)
45-48 Ashraf, N., Bhat, M. Y., Wani, A. H. First record of Diplocarpon mespili (Drepanopezizaceae, Ascomycota) on Cydonia oblongata leaves from Kashmir Valley, India. abstract pay-pdf (published online 9, October 2020)
49-52 Erratum/Clarification to: Revised key for the determination of fresh collections of European species of Boletales with tubulate hymenophore. Überarbeiteter Schlüssel zur Bestimmung von Frischfunden europäischer Arten der Boletales mit röhrigem Hymenophor.

Erratum to: Bemerkenswerte Russula-Funde aus Ostösterreich 16: Sektion Russula, Teil I. Remarkable Russula-findings from East Austria 16: Section Russula, Part I.

Erratum to: Pholiotina pleurocystidiata (Bolbitiaceae), eine neue Art mit Pleurozystiden. Pholiotina pleurocystidiata (Bolbitiaceae), a new species with pleurocystidia pay-pdf

53-61 Guerrero, J. J. G., Imperial, J. T., General, M. A., Arena E. A. A., Bernal, M. B. R. Antibacterial activities of secondary metabolites of endophyticAspergillus fumigatus, Aspergillussp. andDiaporthesp. isolated from medicinal plants. pdf-open-access (published online 16, October 2020)
63-67 Votzi, J., Bedlan, G. First report of Cercospora helianthicola and Septoria helianthina on Helianthus annuus in Austria. pdf-open-access (published online 21, October 2020)
69-74 Breuss, O. Key to the species of Agonimia (lichenised Ascomycota, Verrucariaceae). pdf-open-access (published online 25, October 2020)
75-78  Klofac, W., Krisai-Greilhuber, I. Chalciporus pseudopiperatus, a new taxon in the Chalciporus piperatus species complex. Chalciporus pseudopiperatus, ein neues Taxon des Chalciporus piperatus Artkomplexes. pdf-open-access (published online 21, December 2020)
79-92 Büttner, E., Karich, A., Nghi, D. H., Lange, M., Liers, C., Kellner, H., Hofrichter, M., Ullrich, R. Candolleomyces eurysporus – A new Psathyrellaceae (Agaricales) species from the tropical Cúc Phương National Park, Vietnam. pdf-open-access (published online 22, December 2020)
93-106 Klofac, W., Krisai-Greilhuber, I. Gyromitra inflata, die Wiederenteckung einer verschollenen oder fehlinterpretierten Art. Gyromitra inflata, the rediscovery of a lost or misinterpreted species. pdf-open-access (published online 7, January 2021)
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