Flucht in die "Südsee"?
Österreichische Migration nach Neuseeland und Ozeanien

Escape to the "Southern Seas?"
Austrian Migration to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands

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What motivated Austrians since 1857 until today to settle in New Zealand or in the Pacific Islands? What drew them to the other end of the world? Under which conditions lived Austrians in this unknown territory? And how do Austrians life there today? What relations to their former homes were kept by the expats if any? To answer these and more questions is the goal of the project „Escape to the Southern Seas?“ After gathering basic data about the Austrian migration to New Zealand during a period of approx. 140 years a deeper insight into the relations between Austria and New Zealand in general and through the migrants in particular should be obtained and shared with the Austrian and New Zealand public in return.

Everybody interested in the project is invited to conribute. Information about persons, documents (private documents e.g. letters, diaries,...) and places about migration to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands could be given to the project team leader: Margit Wolfsberger. We will contact you whether in Austria or in New Zealand.

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