GRENZ-film, Cultural Factory Vienna
Susanne Granzer & Arno Boehler, Avital Ronell

Part 1: (About 20 Minutes)
Lecture-Performance, Susanne Granzer & Arno Boehler, Vienna: “EXPLOSIVES”. THE METAPHOR OF EXPLOSION AS AN ITERATIVE TROPE OF MORAL PHILOSOPHY. Rereading Kant-Nietzsche-Deleuze.

It is said that Kant was no friend of discontinuities, leaps and ruptures. Never the less his text Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View states the necessity of a moral “explosion” that should take place globally in human beings. Since this process of a moral “revolution” only can take place through a personal decision by each singularity itself, its performance has the form of a caesura: One has to jump, to leave behind ones own immorality! A performative leap, Kant literarily calls the moral “re-birth” of humanity.
It was Nietzsche, of course, who passionately waged war on this Christian “picture” of morality and therefore, in Ecce Home, called himself: the other “dynamite”…

The academic presentation of this lecture will be disrupted, regularly, with readings by Susanne Granzer on The Notebook (Agota Kristof) and Video-Interventions from Avital Ronell on “Childhood”.

Part 2: (About 20 Minutes)
Screening the film “THE CALL” with Avital Ronell
Production: GRENZ-film Vienna

Part III: (About 20 Minutes)
Panel discussion: Arno Boehler, Susanne Granzer and Avital Ronell: “Explosive Moral Issues”