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Cross Analysis | General Practice | Community Pharmacy
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Martin Schulz
Abstract Country Report Germany – Community Pharmacy
Germany / Health promotion in community pharmacies in Germany

Starting from the definition for health promotion in the Ottawa Charter 1986 (“Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health”), we decided that the concepts and experiences to be described should comprise a broad scope of projects.

We identified three main targets for health promotion projects in community pharmacy (CP):
- the population
- defined patient groups
- individual patients

Different strategies were employed to discover health promotion activities in community pharmacy:
- Available literature (including national and international journals, databases and the Internet among others) was scanned regarding health promotion projects and guidelines.
- Professional organisations (17 Chambers of Pharmacists and 17 Pharmacists’ Associations) in every German federal state were asked to provide information on projects and guidelines.
- Some 100+ pharmaceutical companies were approached to provide information on projects which were conducted in co-operation with community pharmacies.

We decided to include 8 projects in the final country report to illustrate the different concepts used in pharmacy practice to promote health:

A. Target group: Population
1. Intervention: Screening and referral to physician
2. Project 1: Screening and case finding: metabolic syndrome
(syndrome ‘X’)
3. Objectives: Increase awareness in the population, identify patients with possible metabolic syndrome, diabetes or other risk factors, refer to physician, stimulate communication/co-operation between patients, physicians and pharmacists.

B. Target group: Defined patient groups
1. Intervention: Quit smoking campaigns
2.1 Project 2: Quit Smoking: Initiated by WHO, implemented in
community pharmacy
2.2 Project 3: Quit Smoking: Co-operation between community pharmacy
and pharmaceutical manufacturer
3. Objectives: Increase awareness in the population, support patients who wish to cease smoking.

C. Target group: Individual patients
1. Intervention: Guiding patients’ self-medication
2. Project 4: Counselling patients with dyspepsia
3. Objectives: Increase safety and efficacy of treatment; improve quality of life.

1. Intervention: Pharmaceutical care
2.1 Project 5: Pharmaceutical care for asthma patients (‘TOM-Asthma’)
2.2 Project 6: Pharmaceutical care for patients with diabetes
2.3 Project 7: Pharmaceutical care for patients with hypertension
2.4 Project 8: Pharmaceutical care for elderly patients
3. Objectives: Pharmaceutical care is a concept, the focus of which is to optimise drug therapy, minimise drug-related problems and to improve self-management and the quality of life of patients.

The scope and the content of the projects to promote health in patients demonstrate that different strategies with different foci are applicable in pharmacy practice. Community pharmacists can serve as an appropriate basis for health promotion in the community.