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Ludwig Boltzmann-Institut for Sociology of Health and Medicine
Scope and Purpose of the European Conference on Health Promotion in General Practice and Community Pharmacy: Experiences and Perspectives


Health Promotion

The Ottawa Charter (1986) defines health promotion in the Ottawa Charter 1986 "is the process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health". The key strategies addressed in the Ottawa Charter are advocating for health, enabling individuals and groups, and mediating between interests. This landmark document also outlines five key action, one of which is strengthening health promotion within the health services. This conference will be a contribution towards this challenge.

Health Promotion in Primary Health Care - Opportunities for General Practice and Community Pharmacy

General practitioners and community pharmacists are key providers in primary health care. In many parts of Europe, their role in the health care system is that of a first contact point. They get to see patients and healthy people from all age groups and all walks of life and have to deal with a wide range of health issues - general practitioners as providers of primary medical care and community pharmacists as specialists for medicines(1) and advisors for self-medication, respectively. General practitioners and community pharmacists can be actively involved in all three of the strategies: advocating, enabling and mediating. But - as many experiences from around Europe show - they have a particular contribution to make towards enabling individuals through the personal contacts within everyday practice. Patient/ user-centred communication, information on health matters and skills development are central prerequisites for enabling/ empowering individuals to take an active role in all areas of health care: protection and enhancement of positive health, disease prevention, cure and care. Health promotion thus offers an opportunity to strengthen the role of the patient/ user in health care by empowering them to become actively involved as co-producers of their health.
Health promotion can also present an opportunity for professional development as a strategy for both general practitioners and community pharmacists to expand and fully use their potential on the basis of their respective roles as providers of Primary Medical Care and specialists for medicines. Health promotion can be seen as an opportunity to further develop co-operation between both professions complementing each other, in order to secure maximum health gain for patients/ users.

1. Why a European Conference?

At the European level, health promotion constitutes an integral part in the self-image of both professions (European Union of General Practitioners (UEMO) Policy Statement, Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU) guidelines on "Good Pharmacy Practice"). But the application of health promotion principles and strategies and the preconditions vary considerably throughout the Member States, thus providing large scope for mutual exchange and common learning. The conference is part of the project "Health Promotion in Primary Health Care - General Practice and Community Pharmacy"(2) and comes under the Programme of Community Action on Health Promotion, Information, Education and Training within the framework of action in the field of public health.

2. Aims of the Conference

- Enhance awareness of key players at the European and national level for the opportunities of health promotion in general practice and community pharmacy.

- Create opportunities for exchange of experiences as well as for mutual learning and foster dialogue among the relevant actors by

 - discussing concepts of and innovative proposals for health promotion in general practice and community pharmacy increasing health gain of patients and users on the basis of their respective roles as providers of primary medical care and as specialists for medicines and advisors for self-medication;

- presenting experiences and results of initiatives as well as examples of good health promotion practice;

- reviewing the evidence base of health promotion in primary health care;

- discussing how a joint commitment to health promotion can increase co-operation and help to better manage competition between the two professions;

- discussing supportive preconditions as well as barriers for strengthening health promotion in general practice and community pharmacy.

- Discuss practical options as basis for further European action.

3. Participants

This conference is organised for invited participants, primarily from the Member States of the European Union, but also from other European Countries with experiences and interest in the subject area. The conference will bring together opinion leaders, representatives, and key actors from the following fields:
- General practice and community pharmacy: practitioners, scientific experts, representatives of European and national professional organisations and scientific colleges/ societies;
- patients/ consumers: representatives of patients' and consumer organisations, self-help and self-care groups;
- health policy: politicians, administrators, consultants;
- health promotion and public health: experts and practitioners;
- health care industry: experts, key persons.


Local Hosts and Organisers:

Association Belge des Syndicats Médicaux (ABSyM/ BVAS)
Association Pharmaceutique Belge (A.P.B)


EUROPREV - European Review Group on Prevention and Health Promotion In Family Medicine and General Practice/ WONCA - Region Europe-ESGP/FM
PGEU - Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union
International Union for Health Promotion and Education /EURO
EuroPharm Forum
WHO Regional Office for Europe - WHO European Centre for Integrated Health Care Services
FIP - International Pharmaceutical Federation

Organised and managed by

Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for the Sociology of Health and Medicine, Vienna

Financially supported by

European Commission Directorate-General "Health and Consumer Protection"
Fonds Gesundes Österreich

Members of the Conference-Committee

Dr. Claire Anderson (Director of Pharmacy Practice and Social Pharmacy, University of Nottingham);
Dr. Willy André (Association Belge des Syndicats Médicaux);
drs. Loek Arts (President PGEU - Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union);
Mr. Dennis Beck (CEO, Fonds Gesundes Österreich);
Dr. Carlos Brotons (Chairman, EUROPREV - European Review Group on Prevention and Health Promotion In Family Medicine and General Practice);
Mr. Jan Denecker (President, Association Pharmaceutique Belge);
Mr. Christian Elsen (Association Pharmaceutique Belge);
Mr. Hans-Günter Friese (President, EuroPharm Forum);
Dr. Milagros Garcia-Barbero (Head, WHO Regional Office for Europe - WHO European Centre for Integrated Health Care Service);
Ms Inés García Sánchez (Deputy regional co-ordinator, International Union for Health Promotion and Education /EURO);
Ms. Ida Gustafsen (Professional Secretary, EuroPharm Forum);
Mr. Wilfried Kamphausen (Unit F3, DG Health and Consumer Protection, European Commission);
Professor Ilona Kickbusch (Director of International Health, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, Yale University);
Dr. Roland Lemye (General Secretary, Association Belge des Syndicats Médicaux);
Mr. Marcel Libert (Association Pharmaceutique Belge);
Dr. Otto Rafetseder (Fonds Gesundes Österreich);
Dr. Hans Stein (Head, Department "European Union Issues and Health Policy", German Federal Ministry of Health);
Dr. Brigitte Svoboda (Head Department of Health Promotion, Austrian Ministry for Social Affairs and Generations);
Professor Th. F. J. Tromp (Chairman, Community Pharmacy Section, FIP), Professor Chris van Weel (President, WONCA - Region Europe-ESGP/FM);
Mr. Albert van der Zeijden (Chairman IAPO - International Alliance of Patients Organisation, President of WOCZ The Netherlands - United Patients Organisations of the Chronically Ill in The Netherlands)

LBISHM Project Team

Ms. Gabriele Bocek
Dr. Karl Krajic
Mag. Petra Plunger
Dr. Ursula Reichenpfader
Professor Jürgen M. Pelikan (Director)

Conference Location:

Rue Archimčde/Archimedesstraat 11