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Electronic Properties of Materials at
Faculty of Physics at the
University of Vienna
A-1090 Wien, Boltzmanngasse 5 (Austria)

Head of research group:
Ass. Prof. Dr. Viktor Schlosser
phone: (+43 1) 4277 - 72611
e-mail: viktor.schlosser@univie.ac.at

The Laboratory

The main research work of the group focuses on the identification of defects in semiconductors. The influence of crystal defects and impurities in the semiconductor matrix on its electrical properties is investigated. One application of this work is the improvement of photovoltaic solar cells.

The equipment of the laboratory includes different methods for the investigations of light generated carriers in photovoltaic devices under fixed or tuneable monochromatic light conditions. Experiments can be performed either under steady state or time resolved conditions. Several experimental set ups are available for current voltage measurements in the frequency range from DC up to 12 GHz with adjustable bias light and temperature conditions. Different precise electronic current sources and sinks up to 200 W allow measurements of small as well as of large area photovoltaic cells. Charge effects and capacitance studies are performed under quasi static conditions, with AC signal bridge set ups and microwave reflection methods. This method and an infrared imaging system were established as tools for contactless characterisation of the electrical properties of photovoltaic devices. Beside these experiments several set ups for carrier transport measurements such as conductivity, Hall effect and magnetoresistance are in use.

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