Benjamin Seaman

PDF der Diplomarbeit am Hochschulschriften-Service der Univeristät Wien

Gallery Forests in the Pacific lowland of Costa Rica: an ecological sink for rainforest birds

A relatively new conservation law in Costa Rica forbids the felling of trees along rivers and streams. By this measure, gallery forests are formed that are aimed to serve as corridors between areas of primary forest and should facilitate processes of recolonisation. For my diploma thesis, I will be netting and ringing undergrowth bird species in these gallery forests and in closed forest areas in the vicinity of the field station La Gamba in south-western Costa Rica. Apart from a general comparison of bird communities, recapture rates and the proportions of juvenile birds and breeding birds will show if selected forest species have been able to form autochthonous populations in gallery forests, or if this specific form of forest rather acts as an ecological sink for rainforest birds.