Dr. Bea Maas


Research Interests

My main interests as ecologist focus on the investigation of biodiversity patterns, species communities and associated functions in relation to their environment and the respective landscape design. In my research projects, I combine approaches from the scientific fields of Community Ecology, Landscape Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation and Agroecology. In particular, I focus on ecosystem services, community-level responses to habitat transformation and innovative approaches for sustainable resource use and biodiversity conservation.

I am interested (1) to understand how faunal communities and associated ecosystem services are related to different landscape design, management regimes and environmental features; (2) to identify optimal conditions for the applied management of these services - ideally both for the benefit of human well-being and with respect to species conservation; and (3) to unravel how local management and landscape design affect the diversity of species, functionally important taxonomic groups, and ultimately, their trophic interactions and/or plant productivity.

In this context, I am committed to both the in-depth scientific study of these questions, as well as to their translation to the public, being involved in several projects dedicated to public awareness, the conservation of (endangered) biodiversity and agricultural sustainability.