Quality Assessment and Enhancement of User-generated Mobile Multimedia Content


The Project "Quality Assessment and Enhancement of User-generated Mobile Multimedia Content" was initiated in September 2010. Involved with the project are two schools in Vienna, the IRCCYN in France and the University of Vienna. For a detailed project description and the research aspects, see Research. If you like to find out more about the team members, please click here.


Excursion to Nantes
7.Juli 2012
From July 2nd 2012 we went to Nantes for three days to visit not only the beautiful city, but also our partnerinstitute IRCYYN at the university of Nantes. Two pupils of the BRG18 were with us and made a video about our trip. The video shows our visits at the IRCYYN, the Jules Verne museum, our boat trip through the industrial parts of Nantes and the exhibition of "Les Machines de l'île". Find the video and photos here.
New Project Leader: Yohann Pitrey
6.September 2011
Due to private reasons Shelley Buchinger, our project initiator, will take a break from the QUASSUMM Project. On September 16th, we will welcome our new project-leader Yohann Pitrey from our partner-university in Nantes/France.
Stories from Bremen
12.August 2011
A story by Benjamin Kitzinger:
At the IDC 2011 in Ann Arbor (MI, USA) I presented our first paper called "Involving High School Pupils in Quality Assessment Research". I talked to Collegues from the University of Bremen about workshops with kids. They frequently organize these Workshops and invited me to support them in a summer-workshop in August named "Magisch, Mysteriös, Zauberhaft: Im Wunderland von Morgen", where kids aged 9 - 14 designed and constructed magical characters by using Sensors and Actuators and programmed Arduino Boards in order to make the magic happen. It was real fun to work with the kids and watch them being creative and learning fast.
I learned a lot about how to work with children in Bremen and at the IDC and we will try to use some of the stategies we learned in order to improve the workshops in the QUASSUMM project. Furthermore, we try to set up a collaboration with the University of Bremen, besides Workshops and Children.