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Two New WWTF Grants for the Vaziri Lab

The Vaziri lab has successfully secured with colleagues at IMP and IMBA two grants in the WWTF’s Life Sciences Call 2014 – “IMAGING – Innovative Biological and Biomedical Applications of Novel Imaging Technologies”. The projects will be dedicated to building new super-resolution and high-speed whole-brain functional imaging techniques in behaving animals.

Förderungspreis 2014 of the city of Vienna awarded to Alipasha Vaziri

We are happy to announce that Ass.-Prof. Dr. Alipasha Vaziri was awarded the Förderungspreis 2014 of the City of Vienna.


The City of Vienna recognizes outstanding artists and scientists with honors in the form of prizes and scholarships. These have been awarded since 1951 in the fields of music (composition), literature, visual arts and architecture, science and popular education.

Read more about it here (german).