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Quantum optics with complex matter of life ?

Quantum explorations with complex biomolecules touch on conceptual questions such as

  • Is it conceivable to realize quantum superpositions of bionanomatter that is capable of self-replication?
  • Can be launch such materials in ultra-high vacuum without destroying these properties?
  • How can we use the sensitivity of quantum interference to derive new information about such materials?

We approach this set of questions bottom-up: starting with small biomolecules such as vanillin or caffein, over amino acids and nucleotides to polypeptides, proteins and DNA chains, eventually again embedded in a protein structure.

Given the plethora of biological molecules and given the very specific challenge that each of these materials exposes to launch, coherent manipulation and detection this is a route of adventures for many years to come.

We were able to initiate this adventure thanks to the generous support by the ERC Advanced Grant Probiotiqus as well as the Research platform QuNaBioS.