Society for the Law of the Eastern Churches

Art. 14

The general meeting of the members is the legislative organ of the Society. It has the responsibility to make decisions on proposals and on the rendering of accounts of the Board, on changes of the Statutes and on the dissolution of the Society, as well as on the election of the Board and Secretariat. The general meeting is comprised of ordinary and associate members of the Society.
When possible, it is to meet every second year, as a rule together with the scholarly congress. The general meeting is to meet at least once within four years. Further on, the general meeting must be convened in case of a written application to the Board of at least 10 percent of the members. The general meeting can render decisions, provided it was summoned according to the Statutes at least four weeks in advance, without consideration of the number of members present.
On condition that there is nothing contrary in the Statutes, the general meeting renders decisions with simple majority of votes. The agenda of the general meeting is decided by the Board. Every member of the Society enjoys one deliberative vote in the general meeting. A member can be represented by another member of the Society. However, a member can be a proxy for only one other member.

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