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Completed Ph.D. and master theses 2002-present:

Simone Schiesel: Functionalized monolithic materials and mixed-mode chromatography concepts: New materials and methods for amino acid, peptide as well as protein separation and analysis. (Ph.D. thesis, 2009)

Junyan Wu: Development and evaluation of new silica based polar and/or mixed modal stationary phases for HPLC (Ph.D. thesis, 2009)

Stefanie Buchinger: New concepts towards functionalized monolithic capillary columns. (Master thesis, 2009)

Reinhard Pell: Development and evaluation of zwitterionic chiral stationary phases. (Master thesis, 2008)

Christian Hoffmann: Chiral cation and zwitterion exchanger materials for chromatography. (Ph.D. thesis, 2008)

Roland Reischl: Enantioselective separations utilizing zwitterionic chiral stationary phases (Master thesis, 2008)

Marek Mahut: New analytical and preparative methods for plasmid-DNA separation and identification. (Master thesis, 2007)

Irene Maier: Development of analysis methodologies for allergens in food matrices. (Ph.D. thesis, 2007)

Martin Richter: Stereoselective analysis of biologically relevant peptides. (Dipl.-Ing. (FH) thesis, 2007)

Michael Melmer: Chemoselective derivatization of indoles for enrichment and subsequent analysis of tryptophan metabolites by HPLC-MS/MS. (Master thesis, 2007)

Junyan Wu: Synthesis and evaluation of new silica materials with different functionalities for chromatography. (Master thesis, 2006)

Alexandra Föttinger: Development of selective tagging and trapping strategies directed to arginine and tryptophan residues in peptides using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry. (Ph.D. thesis, 2006)

Beatrix Preinerstorfer: Novel organic and inorganic monolithic materials for microscale separation techniques. (Ph.D. thesis, 2006)

Wolfgang Bicker: Analytical solutions to challenging problems in toxicology employing liquid phase separation concepts and mass spectrometry. (Ph.D. thesis, 2006)

Elisabeth Apfelthaler: Development and application of a SPE-HPLC method for the determination of Ochratoxin A in wine. (Master thesis, 2006)

Simone Schiesel: Development of concepts for the separation and racemisation of enantiomers of chiral acids. (Master thesis, 2005)

Elena Gavioli: New concepts towards enantioselective receptors. (Ph.D. thesis, 2005)

Raquel Nogueira: Development of alternative high performance liquid chromatographic peptide purification concepts and mixed-mode reversed-phase/ion-exchange type adsorption materials. (Ph.D. thesis, 2005)

Martin Papst: Development of an affinity chromatography method for IgG type antibody purification with emphasis on immobilisation strategies and material characterisation. (Master thesis, 2005)

Dieter Lubda: Synthesis and evaluation of chemically functionalized silica monoliths for high-performance liquid chromatography. (Ph.D. thesis, 2004)

Christoph Czerwenka: Stereoselective peptide analysis: Bridging of molecular recognition, liquid phase separation systems and mass spectrometry. (Ph.D. thesis, 2004)

Silvia Welhartizki: Dedicated molecularly imprinted polymers for solid phase extraction of the mycotoxin Ochratoxin A from red wine samples. (Master thesis, 2003)

Jeannie Horak: Isolation and derivatization of alpha,beta-unsaturated carbonylic compounds from plant oil and Investigations on hybrid RP-type stationary phases with electron-donor/acceptor systems. (Ph.D. thesis, 2003)

Alexander Leitner: Development and applications of novel recognition concepts for arginine residues in peptides and proteins using mass spectrometry. (Ph.D. thesis, 2003)

Dieter Hebenstreit: Development of novel strong cation exchangers for separation of chiral bases by capillary electrochromatography. (Master thesis, 2003)

Alexandra Föttinger: Development of a selective separation method directed towards arginine/guanidine in combination with liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry. (Master thesis, 2003)

Elisa Greco: Synthesis and evaluation of a novel class of epiaminoquinine-based chiral stationary phases. (Master thesis, 2003)

Karl Heinz Krawinkler: Development of novel chiral selectors based on cinchona scaffolds using combinatorial chemistry approaches. (Ph.D. thesis, 2003)

Wolfgang Bicker: Stereoselective capillary electrochromatography: Development of novel chiral stationary phases and their application for enantiomeric impurity profiling. (Master thesis, 2003)

Elfriede Zarbl: Development and optimization of enantioselective separation systems for analysis of ionic compounds by HPLC, CE and CEC. (Ph.D. thesis, 2002)

Gerhard Buttinger: Analysis of ochratoxin A in wine by LC-fluorescence detection using a combination of RP-18 and MIP solid phase extraction materials for sample preparation. (Master thesis, 2002)

Ongoing Ph.D. and master theses (preliminary titles):

Helmut Hinterwirth : tba (Master thesis)

Georg Schuster: tba (Ph.D. thesis)

Andrea Gargano : tba (Master thesis)

Roland Reischl: Separation and quantitation of metabolites in biological systems by liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry (Ph.D. thesis)

Reinhard Pell: Development and evaluation of zwitterionic chiral stationary phases. (Ph.D. thesis)

Alexander Ronacher: Development and evaluation of new artificial ligands for antibody analysis and purification.(Master thesis)

Marek Mahut: New tools and methodologies for process analysis in biotechnology. (Ph.D. thesis)

Romain Dabre: Development and evaluation of silica-based mixed-mode weak and strong ion exchangers including their applications in bioanalytics. (Ph.D. thesis)

Martin Sturm: Selective trapping, labelling and immobilisation concepts of amino acids, peptides, proteins and drug compounds in the course of LC-MS analysis (Ph.D. thesis)

Stefan Hofer: Development of chromatographic materials and artificial ligands for protein and antibody analysis and purification. (Ph.D. thesis)

Topics for future Ph.D. and master theses:

Opportunities for Ph.D. and master theses are regularly offered from the range of research topics pursued by Prof. Lindner and and Prof. Lämmerhofer.

The individual topic of the thesis depends on the current status of the ongoing studies and the interests of the candidate. The theses often involve (i) the use of LC-MS technologies, (ii) synthesis steps in the course of materials development and (iii) the utilization of diverse analytical methods for the characterization of the materials. Topics generally relate also to "real life" applications, including the focus on biologically and pharmacologically active classes of substances.

For both master and Ph.D. theses financial support is usually offered, as they are generally embedded within research projects of the Austrian Science Fund, the European Union, or the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Candidates should possess a good command of English and be used to think interdisciplinary to fit to the international orientation and broad research focus of the group.

For further information please contact Prof. Lindner or Prof. Lämmerhofer either personally or by email.