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SCIRE: project synopsis


 SCIRE 2011-2016

Das Projekt wurde am 30.04.2016 abgeschlossen. Weitere Entwicklungen können bei unserer Datenbank GENS  – sie wird weiterhin betreut und vergrößert  – verfolgt werden.

The project ended on 30.04.2016. For further developments have a look at our semantic database GENS, which is still being enlarged.

GENS — Group terminology & ethnic nomenclature:
a semantic database, Latin Europe 400—1200

In December 2010, Walter Pohl was awarded the Advanced Grant of the European Research Council (ERC), which allows for a five-year period of research. The project started in May 2011 and is hosted by the University of Vienna; the Austrian Academy of Sciences (OEAW) is the second beneficiary institution./h3>


In the early Middle Ages, Europe's political landscape was significantly shaped by the emergence of new fundamental modes of identification, both ethnic and religious. These processes created new forms of social cohesion and conflict. With the Bible, Christianity provided a repertoire of patterns suitable to give order and orientation that were significant for the shaping of ethnic identities.

The relation between Christianity, its repertoire of identification, and ethnic identity, both as forms of discourse and as social practices, will be the focus of SCIRE in a number of studies.

Principal investigator: Univ.-Prof. Walter Pohl
ERC Advanced Grant No. 269591
1 May 2011 — 30 April 2016