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Upcoming Issue No. 78

Abstracts received since the publication of Issue # 77 (30th September 2018)

W. Osborn, G. Kopacki, H. A. Smith, and 4 co-authors  (April 9 2019)
Variable Stars in M13. III. The Cepheid Variables and their Relation to Evolutionary Changes in Metal-poor BL Her Stars

V. M. Kalari, J. S. Vink, W. J. de Wit, N. J. Bastian, R. A. Mendez  (April 4 2019)
On the origin of very massive stars around NGC 3603

I. Cabrera-Ziri, C. Lardo, A. Mucciarelli  (April 1 2019)
Constant light element abundances suggest that the extended P1 in NGC 2808 is not a consequence of CNO-cycle nucleosynthesis

A. V. Loktin, M. E. Popova  (March 11 2019)
The Kinematics of Open Stellar Clusters on the Data of the New Version of the ''Homogeneous Catalog of Open Clusters Parameters''

R. Jain, S. Vig, S. K. Ghosh  (February 25 2019)
Investigation of the Globular Cluster NGC 2808 with the Ultra-Violet Imaging Telescope

S. Nambiar, S. Das, S. Vig, R. S. S. Gorthi  (February 25 2019)
Star Cluster Detection and Characterization using generalized Parzen Density Estimation

A. E. Piatti, J. A. Carballo-Bello  (February 15 2019)
Extra-tidal structures around the Gaia Sausage candidate globular cluster NGC6779 (M56)

W. Chantereau, M. Salaris, N. Bastian, S. Martocchia  (February 6 2019)
Helium enrichment in intermediate-age Magellanic Clouds clusters: towards an ubiquity of multiple stellar populations?

B. Shukirgaliyev  (December 27 2018)
The Life of Star Clusters, from Birth to Dissolution: A New Approach

A. E. Piatti, E. J. Alfaro, T. Cantat-Gaudin  (December 27 2018)
Two kinematically distinct old globular cluster populations in the Large Magellanic Cloud

S. Ehlerová, J. Palouš  (December 20 2018)
GS242-03+37: a lucky survivor in the galactic gravitational field

C. S. Ye, K. Kremer, S. Chatterjee, C. Rodriguez, F. A. Rasio  (December 20 2018)
Millisecond Pulsars and Black Holes in Globular Clusters

A. E. Piatti, G. Pietrzynski, W. Narloch, M. Gorski, D. Graczyk  (December 19 2018)
Metallicity estimates of young clusters in the Magellanic Clouds from Stromgren photometry of supergiant stars

V. Hénault-Brunet, M. Gieles, A. Sollima, and 5 co-authors  (December 18 2018)
Mass modelling globular clusters in the Gaia era: a method comparison using mock data from an N-body simulation of M 4

A. Hasani Zonoozi, H. Mahani, P. Kroupa  (December 15 2018)
Was the Milky Way a chain galaxy? Using the IGIMF theory to constrain the thin-disc star formation history and mass

K. Kremer, S. Chatterjee, C. S. Ye, C. L. Rodriguez, F. A. Rasio  (December 15 2018)
How initial size governs core collapse in globular clusters

K. Kremer, C. L. Rodriguez, P. Amaro Seoane, et al.  (December 15 2018)
Post-Newtonian Dynamics in Dense Star Clusters: Binary Black Holes in the LISA Band

C. Georgy, C. Charbonnel, L. Amard, et al.  (December 14 2018)
Disappearance of the extended main sequence turn-off in intermediate age clusters as a consequence of magnetic braking

I. Bonati, T. Lichtenberg, D. J. Bower, M. L. Timpe, Sascha P. Quanz  (December 14 2018)
Direct imaging of molten protoplanets in nearby young stellar associations

H. Baumgardt, M. Hilker, A. Sollima, A. Bellini  (December 14 2018)
Mean proper motions, space orbits and velocity dispersion profiles of Galactic globular clusters derived from Gaia DR2 data

R. H. Barbá, D. Minniti, D. Geisler, et al.  (December 13 2018)
A Sequoia in the Garden: FSR 1758 - Dwarf Galaxy or Giant Globular Cluster?

R. Salinas, A. K. Vivas, R. Contreras Ramos  (December 13 2018)
New variable stars in NGC 6652 and its background Sagittarius stream

J. Hong, S. Patel, E. Vesperini, J.J. Webb, E. Dalessandro  (December 13 2018)
Spatial mixing of binary stars in multiple-population globular clusters

W. S. Dias, H. Monteiro, J. R. D. Lépine, et al.  (December 13 2018)
Astrometric and photometric study of Dias 4, Dias 6, and other five open clusters using ground-based and Gaia DR2 data

X. Pang, S. Shen, Z. Shao  (December 13 2018)
The Fundamental Plane of Open Clusters

B. Lim, G. Rauw, Y. Naze, et al.  (December 11 2018)
Extended main sequence turn-off originating from a broad range of stellar rotational velocities

A. E. Piatti, J. Bailin  (December 3 2018)
Search for a metallicity spread in the multiple population Large Magellanic Cloud cluster NGC 1978

R. de Grijs, W. Sun, C. Li, L. Deng  (November 28 2018)
Blue straggler populations beyond the Milky Way

M. A. Kuhn, L. A. Hillenbrand, A. Sills, E. D. Feigelson, K. V. Getman  (November 7 2018)
Kinematics in Young Star Clusters and Associations with Gaia DR2

L. Wang, P. Kroupa, T. Jerabkova  (October 24 2018)
Complete ejection of OB stars from very young star clusters and the formation of multiple populations

M. E. Hughes, J. Pfeffer, M. Martig, et al.  (October 24 2018)
Fossil stellar streams and their globular cluster populations in the E-MOSAICS simulations

M. S. Oey, J. Dorigo Jones, N. Castro, et al.  (October 17 2018)
Resolved Kinematics of Runaway and Field OB Stars in the Small Magellanic Cloud

A. E. Piatti, R. Salinas, E. K. Grebel  (October 10 2018)
A likely runaway star cluster in the outer disc of the Large Magellanic Cloud

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