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Upcoming Issue No. 83

Abstracts received since the publication of Issue # 82 (22nd February 2021)

B. Lim, Y. Naze, J. Hong, and 6 co-authors  (May 11 2021)
A kinematic perspective on the formation process of the stellar groups in the Rosette Nebula

L. Wang, M. S. Fujii, A. Tanikawa  (May 7 2021)
Impact of initial mass functions on the dynamical channel of gravitational wave sources

A. E. Piatti  (April 8 2021)
The kinematics of Small Magellanic Cloud star clusters

W. Sun, R. de Grijs, L. Deng, M. D. Albrow  (February 23 2021)
Binary-driven stellar rotation evolution at the main-sequence turn-off in star clusters

P. Goudfrooij, R. Asa'd  (February 22 2021)
On the precision of full-spectrum fitting of simple stellar populations - II. The dependence on star cluster mass in the wavelength range 0.3-5.0 μm

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