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Upcoming Issue No. 77

Abstracts received since the publication of Issue # 76 (8th July 2018)

S. Kamann, N. J. Bastian, T.-O. Husser, and 9 co-authors  (July 30 2018)
Cluster kinematics and stellar rotation in NGC 419 with MUSE and adaptive optics

B. Shukirgaliyev, G. Parmentier, A. Just, P. Berczik  (July 24 2018)
The long-term evolution of star clusters formed with a centrally-peaked star-formation-efficiency profile

S. V. Vereshchagin, N. V. Chupina, E. S. Postnikova  (July 19 2018)
Kinematic Groups in the Corona of the Ursa Majoris Flow Indicated by Gaia Data

J. J. Webb, E. Vesperini  (July 10 2018)
The Structural and Kinematic Evolution of Central Star Clusters in Dwarf Galaxies and Their Dependence on Dark Matter Halo Profiles

C. Usher, J. Pfeffer, N. Bastian, and 3 co-authors  (July 10 2018)
The origin of the 'blue tilt' of globular cluster populations in the E-MOSAICS simulations

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