The SFB software platform

Most Project Parts are expected to produce finite element and finite volume-based code and simulations. These efforts will be coordinated and combined across the project. In particular, it is our intention to direct all our numerical and computational activities toward the use and the extension of the existing open-source framework provided by the FEM library Netgen/NGSolve by Joachim Schöberl.

An SFB software platform will progressively build upon this library and will be open-source distributed via this website.

We plan to embed a natural-language syntax on the SFB software platform by developing the extension of the new Python-based human interface NGS-py to Netgen/NGSolve. This is intended to translate mathematical syntax back to NGSolve commands, enabling an easier access to the computing resources. We believe such a natural-language based, theoretically sound, state-of-the-art FEM library to ideally serve the needs of the SFB, also in terms of interdisciplinary cooperations toward the Applied Sciences.