Access to locked online resources for members of the University of Vienna

Starting from March 1st, 2018, if you are a student of employee of the
University of Vienna
, you can access the electronic resources licensed by the Library of the University (books, journals, MathSciNet, etc.) following the procedure at this link. That procedure forces you to save a bookmark in the bookmark bar of your browser and to use Javascript.

If you prefer not to have a bookmark bar and/or not to use Javascript, you can do the following (either while working at the University of Vienna, and anywhere else in the world; no need of using a VPN connection):
simply insert in the form below the link you want to access
. If you are not yet logged with your u:account, you'll be sent to a login webpage of the University of Vienna (simply insert your username and password and you'll be redirected to the unlocked content). If you are already logged in, you should be sent directly to the unlocked content, without need of providing your u:credentials.

(note: the link must start always with http or https)

Note: if there is a valid agreement between the Library of the University of Vienna and the publisher of the content you want to access, then you'll be redirected to a webpage with that unlocked content. In the opposite case, you'll get:
  • either the same content, still locked;
  • or an error message from the Library of the University of Vienna.
If you think that some content should be accessible, please contact directly the Library of the University of Vienna at providing the link that you were copy/pasting above.