We are pleased to announce that the 5th Syntax, Phonology and Language Analysis conference (SinFonIJA 5) will take place at the University of Vienna on 27-29 September 2012.

The site of the conference has been changed on short notice. Please consult this page for further information.

About SinFonIJA

SinFonIJA is a formal linguistics conference organized each year by a different institution in the area of former Yugoslavia and Austria-Hungary. The name somehow manages to stand for Syntax, Phonology and Language Analysis. The idea of having a conference that would travel around Central and South East Europe had been around for a while, but it took quite some time before it was finally implemented. At the initial meeting held in Nova Gorica in 2008 it was decided that we should continue with this initiative and try to really create a permanent travelling conference. In 2009, SinFonIJA was organized in Sarajevo with great success, followed by instantiations in Novi Sad (2010) and Budapest (2011).


Please register your intention of attending before September 15. There will be a conference fee of 50 euros for faculty and 30 euros for students, respectively, to be paid upon arrival. Attendance without prior registration is possible, but fees will be raised to 60 and 40 euros, respectively, in that case.

Important Dates
  • Deadline for abstract submission: 10 June 2012
  • Notifications of acceptance: 15 July 2012
  • Final program: 7 August 2012
  • Conference: 27-29 September 2012
Invited Speakers

Barbara Citko (University of Washington, Seattle)

Maribel Romero (Konstanz)

Tim Stowell (UCLA)

Péter Szigetvári (Budapest)

Michael Wagner (McGill, Montreal)

Organizing Committee

Daniel Büring

Peter Hallman

Dalina Kallulli

Manuel Križ

John Rennison

Beata Trawiński

Contact: sinfonija.linguistics@univie.ac.at

Scientific Committee

We thank all the reviewers for their help!

Artemis Alexiadou

Boban Arsenijević

Chris Barker

Sylia Blaho

Jonathan Bobaljik

Lisa Cheng

Barbara Citko

Mojmír Dočekal

Elan Dresher

Heather Goad

Aaron Griffith

Dieter Gunkel

György Rakosi

Beata Gyuris

Martin Haiden

Hubert Haider

Roland Hinterhölzl

Hajime Hoji

Elsi Kaiser

Magdalena Kaufmann

Istvan Kenesei

Katalin É. Kiss

Winfried Lechner

Jean Lowenstamm

Viktor Manfredi

Franc Marušić

Ora Matushansky

Clemens Mayr

Jason Merchant

Roland Meyer

Nataša Milićević

Gereon Müller

Lea Nash

Friedrich Neubarth

Cedric Patin

Markus Pöchtrager

Liljana Progovac

Nina Rothmayr

Kevin Ryan

Uli Sauerland

Florian Schäfer

Petra Schultz

Elena Soare

Dominique Sportiche

Penka Stateva

Artur Stepanov

Tim Stowell

Balázs Surányi

Péter Szigetvári

Michael Wagner

Martina Wiltschko

Jacek Witkoś

Susi Wurmbrand

Kristine Yu

Rok Žaucer

Jie Zhang

Kie Zuraw