We are the Star & Planet Formation Group led by Prof. Manuel Güdel at the Department of Astrophysics, University of Vienna. Our research topics range from the early formation of stars, circumstellar disks, and planetary systems, to the long-term evolution of stellar magnetic activity and its influence on planetary habitability. We study these questions from both the theoretical and observational points of view.

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Recent News

Our large Austrian network project, Pathways to Habitability, has started its second period of funding

Our group contains several people in the project Pathways to Habitability (http://path.univie.ac.at/). This is a national research network in Austria that combines institutes in Vienna and Graz to study the physical mechanisms responsible for the formation of habitable planetary conditions. In 2015, the project was awarded a second period of funding with 2.5 million Euros which started on 1st March 2016.

Papers in the Press

Two recently published papers of our group got attention from the press.
One is from Armin Liebhart et al. and is called X-ray emission from an FU Orionis star in early outburst: HBC 722. The paper can be found here. The press releases are in German only and can be found here:

The second one is from Eduard Vorobyov et al. and is called The effect of external environment on the evolution of protostellar disks (arxiv.org). The paper is mentioned in NewScientist: Chaotic cosmic wombs may birth backwards planets.

DIANA on Youtube

In the context of the DIANA project one of our group members was involved in the production of short movies about protoplanetary disks.
You can watch the movies here: Diana Project – Outreach

Talk of Prof. Güdel at PPVI

Here you can watch the talk of Prof. Güdel at PPVI in Heidelberg.