Manuel Güdel
Main interests: Star formation, exoplanets and habitability, astrophysical plasmas, high-energy astrophysics; large projects on exoplanetary habitability (FWF: PatH), protoplanetary disks (EU FP7: DIANA); Co-PI or Co-I of  ESA/NASA satellite instruments (JWST/MIRI, XMM-Newton/RGS, PLATO, Athena, Ariel, Arago, SMILE) and of ESO E-ELT instrumentation (METIS), instrument team or board member (CHEOPS, SPICA/Safari).
Email: manuel.guedel@univie.ac.at
WWW: http://homepage.univie.ac.at/manuel.guedel


Theresa Lüftinger

Permanent Senior Scientist working on magnetic fields of cool and hot stars, their modeling via Zeeman/magnetic Doppler imaging and interactions with planetary environments. Member of the PatH project.

Email: theresa.rank-lueftinger@univie.ac.at
WWW: http://online.univie.ac.at/pers?zuname=Lueftinger%2C+Theresa


Carla Baldovin Saavedra
Postdoc working on observational analysis of protoplanetary disks, in particular photoevaporation induced by stellar high-energy radiation.
Email: carla.baldovin@univie.ac.at
WWW: http://homepage.univie.ac.at/carla.baldovin/
Ines Brott
Postdoc working on thermo-chemical model code for protoplanetary disks, based on PHOENIX/3D.
Email: ines.brott@univie.ac.at
WWW: http://homepage.univie.ac.at/ines.brott
Odysseas Dionatos
Postdoc working on protoplanetary disk observations and modeling, team member of the EU FP7 project DIANA (DiscAnalysis).
Email: odysseas.dionatos@univie.ac.at
WWW: http://homepage.univie.ac.at/odysseas.dionatos/
Colin Johnstone
Postdoc working with the PatH project. Main interests: magnetohydrodynamical modelling of stellar winds in single and binary star systems, stellar magnetism, stellar rotation, star-planet interactions, and star-disc interactions.
Email: colin.johnstone@univie.ac.at
WWW: http://homepage.univie.ac.at/colin.johnstone/
Kristina Kislyakova
Postdoc working on exoplanetary habitability and atmosphere modelling. Member of the PATH project.
Email: kristina.kislyakova@univie.ac.at, kristina.kislyakova@oeaw.ac.at
WWW: http://homepage.univie.ac.at/kristina.kislyakova/
Eduard Vorobyov
Main interests: numerical hydrodynamics simulations of protostellar disk formation in the primordial and local Universe, formation of giant planets and brown dwarfs via disk gravitational fragmentation, accretion and luminosity bursts in young protostars.
1. Formation and evolution of protostellar disks at high redshifts and around primordial protostars

2. The early stages of star and disk formation, properties of the first hydrostatic cores, comparison with observations.
3.  Formation of giant planets and brown dwarfs via disk gravitational fragmentation.
4. Effect of magnetic fields on the evolution of protostellar disks.
5. Observational manifestations of protostellar accretion, measurements of protostellar disk masses.
PhD students: Vardan Elbakyan, Southern Federal University, Russia.

Email: eduard.vorobiev@univie.ac.at


Bibiana Fichtinger
PhD student working on observations of stellar radio emission of solar-type stars, using the JVLA and ALMA telescopes. My main interests are not only stellar winds, but also the connection/similiarities to the solar wind and the influence on planetary atmospheres. Member of the PatH project.
Email: bibiana.fichtinger@univie.ac.at
WWW: http://homepage.univie.ac.at/bibiana.fichtinger/
Armin Liebhart
PhD student working on X-ray data and modeling of protoplanetary disks affected by stellar X-ray irradiation.
Email: armin.liebhart@univie.ac.at
WWW: http://homepage.univie.ac.at/armin.liebhart/
Florian Ragossnig
Member of the PatH project.
Email: florian.ragossnig@univie.ac.at
WWW: http://homepage.univie.ac.at/florian.ragossnig
Lin Tu

PhD student in star-planet interactions in the young solar system. Mainly work for upper atmospheric simulation and evolution.

Email: rubby0605@hotmail.com
WWW: http://homepage.univie.ac.at/lin.tu


Michael Bartl
Member of the PatH project.
Email: michael.bartel@cern.ch
Nina-Elisabeth Nemec
Master student working on XUV spectra of low-mass stars. Interests also include the magnetic fields and winds of late-type stars.
Email: nina-elisabeth.nemec@univie.ac.at


Florian Bauer
Masters student (2012-13)  on exoplanets in Kepler data; now at the University of Goettingen.
Christiane Helling
Guest professor in 2011, working on astrophysical dust and brown dwarfs; now at the University of St. Andrews, UK.
Email: CH@leap2010.eu
WWW: http://star-www.st-and.ac.uk/~ch80/
Inga Kamp
Guest professor in 2011, working on thermo-chemical disk modeling; now at the University of Groningen, NL.
Email: kamp@astro.rug.nl
WWW: http://www.astro.rug.nl/~kamp/
Robert Pohl
Chemical pathways in protoplanetary disks show enormous number of reactions. My target is to choose suitable pathways and to simplify them. I use the programme ProDiMo.
Email: robertpohl@aon.at
Patricia Trinkl
Masters student (2012-13) working on hydrodynamic modeling of protoplanetary disks.
Christian Rab
Now at the Kapteyn Astoronomical Institute of the University of Groningen (Netherlands).
Email: rab@astro.rug.nl
WWW: https://www.astro.rug.nl/~rab/
Peter Woitke
One of the main developers of the radiation thermo-chemical disk modelling code ProDiMo. He is the PI of the EU FP7 DIANA-project and now located at the University of St. Andrews.
Email: peter.woitke@st-andrews.ac.uk
WWW: http://www-star.st-and.ac.uk/~pw31/