«Woodcraft and Art Summer School» Riga Technical University

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«Woodcraft and Art Summer School» Riga Technical University

Beitragvon inga.riharda » 14. Februar 2017, 10:53

Students from all over the world who are interested in wooden design are welcome to join the «Woodcraft and Art Summer School» taking place in Riga and Ligatne (Latvia) from 14 -25 August 2017 organized by the Institute of Design Technologies of the Faculty of Material Science and Applied Chemistry and the International Relations Department of Riga Technical University.
The summer school offers a programme consisting of lectures, workshops and discussions, company site visits, countryside visits, guided excursions and exciting parties. The programme will be conducted by a local team – designers, artists, technologists, designing engineers and invited experts. There will be lectures on different aspects of wood manufacturing and design. In addition to the lecture programme, practical work in groups will be carried out providing the possibility to work with woodworking machines processing sewn timber and manual woodworking tools processing round timber. This summer school will provide you with knowledge in wood design, materials, technology, compounds and skills of wooden product manufacturing. You will also get a closer look at Latvia through introduction of traditional woodcraft objects closely linked to Latvian lifestyle and traditions.

Why attend? Participants’ accomplishments in the previous year was a proof that there are no limits to our creativity and that the joy of creating handmade things cannot be measured. You will not only learn about the wooden design, you will also get to know people from all over the world and enjoy the beautiful nature of Latvia. The unique thing about this summer school is that acquiring new theoretical knowledge is only one part of this experience. We believe that theoretical knowledge should always be supplemented with practical tasks giving an extensive overview of the field, so you will also add a new set of practical skills and broaden your creative horizons by creating wooden objects yourself. Make a room in your luggage, as you will surely bring home a beautiful wooden creation as a reminder of your time in Latvia!
Previous knowledge in woodworking is not required; you have to have finished at least one year of studies by the time the summer school starts, speak fluent English, have an interest in wooden design, as well as appreciation for the expertise of qualified professionals. With the help of our professional staff members, anyone can experience the first steps in wood working.
Participation fee is EUR 700. The deadline for submitting the application is 5 May 2017.

For more information visit www.summerschool.rtu.lv.
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Re: «Woodcraft and Art Summer School» Riga Technical Univers

Beitragvon klara33 » 6. März 2017, 17:50

It makes sense that students will benefit academically from not having the long summer break. However, a quibble (which I found in the WashingtonPost article when was searching for info for jetwriters.com on the same) with the article's quoting teachers who thought that students who did the voluntary summer program did better in the fall than those who did not do the voluntary summer program: Since the program was voluntary, the students who did do the summer program were not a representative sample of all students. Rather, they were all students who either were personally motivated to take the summer program or were children of parents who were concerned/functional enough to make the students take the summer program. By contrast, the students who did not take the voluntary summer program included all the students who were neither personally motivated nor had parents who were as concerned/functional. In other words, we would expect that the students who took the voluntary summer program to have been -- on average -- better in the fall than the students who did not take the voluntary summer program, even if the voluntary summer program had not existed.
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