Free Arabic Lessons!

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Free Arabic Lessons!

Beitragvon SafaMuhammed » 24. Oktober 2017, 12:42

Learn Arabic online for free without any hidden fees!

-You can study Modern Standard Arabic or Egyptian Colloquial Arabic.
-One-to-One private class.
-Professional native teachers.
-The Free Trial is LIVE
-Class Duration: 1 hour
-Free Placement test.
-Free Certificate.

Register Here:
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Re: Free Arabic Lessons!

Beitragvon JohnMitchell » 20. November 2017, 12:27

Hello! I really want to learn Arabic, but you've provided too little information here about your courses. Is that online courses? I'm freelancer and working on very important paperwriter project now, so I can't leave my job and visit courses.
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